Sunday, 28 February 2016

Training Log

Body Pump- 1 hour I still felt a little sick and off. I dropped most of the weights a little and pretty much sat out the ab track as my stomach area was still a little tender.

Running- 4 miles @ 9.23min/mile It felt ok, the temperatures were really nice.
Walking - 30 minutes

BodyPump- 1 hour I felt so much better and got back to my normal weights.
Running - 5.5 miles @8.43 min/mile We had another tornado watch. There were no tornadoes but some serious gusts of wind that I watched drop two large trees in our neighbor's yard. I waited until after Martina came home from work to go to the track and by then the wind had died a little.
8x400m intervals with 400m recovery (7, 7.24, 7.16, 7.24, 7.16, 7.16, 7.16, 7.24 min/mile) Half the track was very windy so it was hard to be really consistent but I still really enjoyed this workout and it was over before I knew it. I could probably have done another couple of intervals but for the fact it was too dark.

I switched rest days around as I wanted to get x3 BodyPump classes in this week but the Saturday class was canceled so I did that on Friday instead and swapped Thurs and Fri running around.
Walking- 30 minutes
15 minutes -Yoga

BodyPump- 1 hour Felt hard but good.
Running 4 miles @ 9.12 min/mile - Started out very slow (up a big hill) and then ramped up the pace as the run went on.
Walking - 30 minutes

We found Boomer the perfect chair
 it even has a giant B on the top
A couple of hours working our way through an antique store. We didn't get anything but saw a lot of cool glasses and decanters if we ever set up a home bar.
Running - 6 miles @9.54 min/miles I went to the far away river trails again and just as the track seems to = fast/easy these trails seem to be hard/slow. I don't know why they aren't very hilly but thats the way the cookie crumbles. Tweaky/tight left hamstring on this run.
Walking 15 minutes- Martina and Boomer walked while I ran. They got slightly lost and ended up walking further than they thought so I met them about a mile and a half from the end. I ran on a little and doubled back to meet them again for the walk back to the car.

Running - 10.5 miles @ 9.57 min/mile I probably would have liked this to be a little faster but it was warm 70ish. It felt good though and I enjoyed listening to some radio while running a ton of random loops and out and backs to get in the 10.5 miles without having to stray to far from home.
Broke out the short sleeve top

30 miles this week, woohoo. I'm up to a good base, finally, but not for long. 

This week I'm heading off for a very long weekend to go to the Little Rock Half Marathon via Memphis so training will most likely be a little or a lot disrupted but I'm gonna do my best. Little Rock will be a fun run since I'll have driven a ridiculous amount before (never good for running) and its a hilly course so sticking a few miles in the day before if I can will only be a good thing.

 This is my second to last long drive planned for a race so I won't have too much more disruption by super long trips. It's probably good to step it back for a week anyhow and then ramp back up to 30 again to get my body adjusted. 
I picked a good week to step it up as I've had no shin pain this week yay.

Dreaming of summer

Last year we had quite a dry summer followed by a very rainy fall (flooding) and early winter. Our Feburary and March have been blessedly dry and mostly clear making me realize how much I've gotten used to and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe this has also been driven home by the fact that this is possibly our last year in SC, as I've mentioned we'd like to move. 
Even though the summer heat is generally unbearable and sticky, I'm really looking forward to summer. I can't wait to wear some nice summer clothes and get a bit of a tan. We are an hour and a half from Charleston which has some really amazing beaches and I don't think we've fully taken advantage of that yet. I can feel the sand and smell the sunscreen just thinking of it. I want loads of trips to the beach, even just for a long day.
As far as working out goes I've also found myself really looking forward to the outdoor pool at the gym opening. I'm not such a huge swimming fan but when I hurt my back last summer it made me realize if it's outdoors I like it! 
I'll probably change my mind as soon as I have to do my first run in the 80s/90s or get a mosquito bite but for now I'm really dreaming of hot days and balmy evenings.

*must remember to use more sunscreen, along with my darker skin has come more freckles and moles.

** I used to watch movies based in the South,  like To Kill A Mockingbird, and think it was disguising that they wouldn't change their shirts if they were covered in sweat (thinking they had just been doing some manual labor) after a few summers here I realize they were probably just standing around outside and a fresh one would look the same in minutes.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Nice things

I tend to post more about negative things (or things that sound negative but really I'm just mulling them over)  than positive, sorry peeps. I think that's because we tend to enjoy the positives in life and then move on, whereas we, me especially, tend to linger on the negative even when they aren't so bad. I know that can be a bore to read so I thought for a change I'd take an opportunity to post some of the nicer things in life right now!

Puppy snuggles...even damp post bath cuddles...

Buying a bunch of fresh flowers when I go to Trader Joes every week-those and a lit candle can almost always be found on my coffee table...

Having the last couple of months (while my work permit is processed) to completely forget about jobs, careers, contracts, yes even science etc. etc.

Getting the notice today that my work permit has been approved....once I get the card I can apply for some jobs and starting thinking about jobs and careers :)

Going to the dentist for a cleaning and not needing anything else done

All of the trips we go on...long and short

Excitement for upcoming adventures

And last but most importantly little family, my rock in a weird and funny world

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Training and body issues lately

Whether the it factor with running is endurance or strength or both I'm feeling IT. A couple of months of decent enough training are starting to pay off. Now my shortest runs are back to being 4/5 miles and they seem easy most days. A few months ago, even though I was running longer runs, that would have seemed hard.
Even being sick on and off and pretty tired for the last two weeks, once I force myself out the door, running is enjoyable again. Last night I did my speed work (400s) and I thought I had maybe 3/4 intervals done only to do the math and realize I'd actually done 6. Even running into the wind for half the laps the workout didn't seem bad at all....what a nice change!! I'm starting to push the speed again and gradually the distances too. It doesn't seem like climbing a mountain anymore.

What does is controlling my body weight. I know my body is changing shape, I finally have the beginnings not just abs but an ass, something I've never had no matter how fat I was. So I am gaining lots of muscle and losing a pound or two every so often but the general trend for the last year has been upwards. My body fat is still around 20% so with muscle, fat has crept on too. That is not good considering how hard the weight gain is on my body while pounding away on asphalt and concrete. I'm really struggling with this. I find the scales scary and frustrating. Some days I'm not sure if I'm eating too much or too little for my metabolism or what to do at all. I wish I could just have someone tell me exactly what I need to do but its never that simple at least not without a ton of expensive tests :) How much is liposuction again ha ha.
I've lost a lot of weight before I know normally it's hard but not that hard, doing it while working out and not losing performance or muscle is a whole other kettle of fish for me. If I can somehow bring my body fat (rather than lose the muscle gain) down I think my running will get even better and faster.

So any tips? What really made running and weight loss work together for you?


Monday, 22 February 2016

Training Log

Well this week we have swung back to warmer weather with my running taking place in the 60s and 70s. Would I like it a little cooler yes, am I going to complain no, because here even at this time of year it could be hotter. Its forecast that the south will get a colder than average spring. I'm hoping it does because it will let me get a few more months of quality training in before the inferno that is summer begins.

I took a total rest day as I was feeling completely drained and sore after being away for the weekend.

Running 2 miles @ 9.22 min/mile I penciled in a short run to loosen up. I felt surprisingly good. My legs felt fresh again.
Walking 45 minutes

Body Pump- 1 hour. Good
Running - 6 miles @ 9.09 min/mile with 5 x 800m intervals (8.22, 8.12, 8.10, 8.05, 7.37 min/mile) with 800m recovery. I did not feel like adding to the intervals this week. Maybe its time to mix up the speed work a little since I'm getting bored. There were kids on the track and I didn't want to run on grass so I measured out a half mile on the nice straight road that runs past the track and went up and down that. By luck I manage to time my recovery into the wind.

Mile markers at the airport-someone planning a race?
Walking 30 minutes

Yoga -20 mins using the Down Dog app. They have a section called lullaby yoga so I gave that a try. It was really nice...slow and easy. Since I do yoga more for a good stretch than an extra workout this was perfect.
Running - 5 miles @ 9.47 min/mile  I'm missing a bit of variety in my runs so I drove around 10 minutes away to the furtherest reaches of the river trails and ran there. It made for a very pleasant change. Felt very slow, my legs were dead.
Walking 30 minutes 

Another rest day

Missed Body Pump. Somehow I had in my head that class was at 12/12.30 since all the weekday classes are at 7am or 12.30. Checked the schedule  at 11.02 am to see that class started at 11,  doh.
Running- 5 miles @ 9.40 min/mile As punishment for missing Body Pump and because I felt like doing something different I did long hill repeats. Around a half mile up and a half mile down of hill x4.

Martina in an effort to crush the love of running out of me (only joking, she knew I wanted to do this) signed me up for a local race called the Quarry Crusher. You run down to the floor of the Quarry and back up. It gets longer every year the quarry is in operation, right now the race is around 3.5 miles long...thats over 1.5 miles up hill. I have no illusions, I will probably walk a large portion of the way up but I need to at least make an effort to prepare with some hill work. At least I'll get to see the Quarry that routinely shakes my house.

Running 9 miles @9.46 min/mile This was a bad one which is sad when I've been blessed with a few good long runs in a row.
 It was bad mostly because a stomach bug has been flying around our house all week. I had a mild case early in the week and it came back to attack me on Sunday. Either that or my stomach really didn't like the 3 cups of coffee I had with brunch. After a lovely attack by my insides, I slept for 20 minutes, drank some water and went off to run before it got too late.
I felt like shit (excuse the language). My stomach was a little rocky and I had a nice cold sweat going on. I ran to the track, did a 2 mile loop on the roads around it and then a mile on the track before heading towards home and a bigger road for an out and back to finish. Close to bathrooms at almost all times.
Exactly what I needed to see at mile 7
Once I got to mile 7, I got really nauseous but at least I was close to home and had mostly a downhill jog to get there. It took me a couple of hours before I felt I was able to eat anything for dinner. Lets hope the run burned whatever I've been incubating out of my system.

So thats another 27 mile week but easy on the classes/extras. I think I'm doing good with the running and I don't mind the easier week(s) with classes every so often if it stops me from burning out,  keeping the quality of my harder runs good.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

I need sightseeing suggestions please: Memphis and Arkansas

My next race is a big trip. An 10-11 hour drive for the Little Rock Half Marathon. That is reaching the limits of driving time even for me. So we (by we I mean Martina) are probably going take a few days off work and make a bit more of a trip out of it.
The rule that has eventually come to be formally recognized with these crazy race trips is that everyone has to get something out of it. For example the last one Martina got to wine taste, I got to do a race and Boomer got some hiking. I think I got the best deal out of all of us, since I enjoyed all three, but you get the point.
We have a very loose plan so far including:
A stop or overnight in Memphis (including a trip to Graceland since Martina is a huge Elvis fan)
A hike up pinnacle mountain in Little Rock
A trip to Hot Springs National park around an hour from Little Rock for more hiking and a soak in some thermal waters.

If anyone has been to Memphis or Little Rock I'd love some suggestions for cool stuff to do within a short drive of either locations. We will have a dog with us so dog friendly or short enough attractions that we can take turns are a must, oh and easy on the pocket too! GO!!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Adam and Eve Half Marathon, Charlottesville VA

I'm now on Mars and going no further
The Adam and Eve Half Marathon was a bit of a random race for me. I've been ploughing my way through states this year, enough that I thought screw it I might as well 'moon' up or go up a level in Half Fanatics club (see criteria here). I don't go out of my way to meet any of these criteria (other than to join) I just like the camaraderie at races, race discounts and following their FB account makes me feel like a relatively normal person, BUT when I was one race short of moving to another level I decided to go for it and picked a race that had the right timing. That was it, no expectations at all.

The race being on Valentine's Day had an Adam & Eve theme (and Adam & Steve and Eve & Eve). A half marathon and 8k race were taking place at the same time. You could register for the race under any of these couples categories or as a lonely Eve or Adam. Since declaring your sexual preferences in the middle of Virginia seems a like weird thing to do, I took the categories as more of a team thing and as I was running by myself registered as an Eve. Singletons got a red shirt and couples got a green one. The winner of each category also got a prize.

Charlottesville is a very beautiful area (even their fields seem manicured) surrounded by wineries and not too far from the mountains. I wasn't sure what to expect from this race scenery wise I just knew it was going to be cold as hell! Before the race I layered up. Two pairs of pants layering!!! I'd been running in temperatures in the 70s less than two weeks before so the 9F at the start would be a bit of a shock to this old body. 

 The race started in the Darden Towe Park near a picnic shelter. Parking was available right beside the start and the two porta potties. I got there and picked up my bib and tech shirt as there was no expo or pickup the day before. I dipped in and out of the car once or twice to go pee and when everyone started shuffling towards the start line I joined them with chattering teeth. 
Within minutes we were off. The first mile I ran fastish 8.30s and I let myself so I'd get warmer fast. Most of that first mile I had to have a bandana over my mouth to help my breathing as the cold air hurt. Eventually I got used to it, warmed up and didn't need the bandana again.
Most of the course followed bicycle paths in the park that ran along the river with a few very short unpaved sections. The first 4-4.5 miles were an out and back (with a small loop) before we popped up onto the streets in a residential area for a few miles. The river trails were flat, the residential area hilly. Once we finished the road section it was back down to the river for a repeat of the trails. The exception to the flatness of the river sections was the start finish which had a nice climb for the last .3 miles of the race. In all it was a pretty nice run considering we were in the middle of a city. 
All I can say about the volunteers is God Bless them, if I was cold when running I can only imagine how cold they were at aid stations or directing traffic. The aid stations were every couple of miles and had gatorade, water and some had Gu gels. I didn't drink too much as a lot of the drinks were literally half frozen, not so nice on the tummy. Nothing the race could do about that. 
I didn't pay too much attention to my watch as I wanted to run by effort and keep a comfortable but not easy pace. That worked out well and I felt pretty much on top of the world for most of the race and had loads of fun high fiving etc with people coming the opposite direction on the out and backs. It got a little harder around mile 9 when we dropped back down to the river. Instantly, I felt like it was harder to run but I think that was a temperature change down by the got a lot colder and breezier again.

 I motivated myself by counting all the women running past me in the opposite direction and made myself keep going once I realized I was close to being in the top 10 women. Somewhere around mile 8 I passed another women and built up a gap to stay in 10th place (women only). I also chased down a guy for a couple of miles and passed him at mile 11. He stuck pretty close to me but staying ahead of him was great motivation. We had a chat and a laugh about it after we finished and apparently he was cursing me for the last mile, hoping I'd slow down...I did, but he did too! That last mile was by far the hardest. I'm sure it was mostly mental but I slowed a lot. My hip flexors tightened and then running the last part up hill sucked big time. I crossed the finish to get my medal and an apple (to go with the theme). I squeezed in just under 2 hours (chip time), it's been a while since that's happened so I was really happy.
 In the picnic area they had some mini muffins, cookies and water. It didn't seem like a lot even with <60 finishers in the half marathon but that might be down to the temperatures, who wants to eat frozen fruit etc. I hung around for a bit and eventually (since before the race they said there would be no formal awards) asked the timing guy if I got anything. I got first in my age group (30-39) and won a trio pack of Ferrero Chocolates as well as a postcard thing with a code for 15% off another race with that company. I definitely appreciated the chocolate but not so much the discount as I'm not sure I want to drive 5 hours to make use of it (we'll see). This is my first and possibly only time winning my age group so I would have like some sort of small keepsake but at least I got something.
Overall this is a pretty solid race, well organized and fun. My only quibble is that I thought it was a bit expensive. I signed up for $105 with the cheapest price being $70 which is still a lot for a very small, no frills race. They obviously put a lot of effort into getting nice medals and tech t-shirts but maybe next year they should try an expo or getting some sponsors to get the price down a little.

After I got my prize I hightailed it out of there pretty fast and made it back to the hotel with enough time to have a shower before checking out and driving off for some hiking. I think I'll come back to Charlottesville again, maybe not to run but for more wine tastings :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Training log

I'm a little behind with this but its getting done anyhow! Again this week I kept my miles at 27. I'm glad I did I was tired for most of the week but pleased that I did everything that I decided to.

Body Pump -  Felt tired and nauseous. I did the class anyhow. I had a fever when I checked afterwards so no wonder I felt bad.

30 minutes of yoga at home with my supervisor Boomer. Who knew a baseball and teddy are appropriate yoga tools...

Running 4 miles @9.07 min/mile did a hilly 2 mile out and back stretch. After the heat last week it was strange to start out my run with some snow flurries.
Walking 45 minutes with the family
Post walk nap
Body Pump  - I felt much better than on Monday. The gym was HOT but it was a good class.
Running 6 miles @ 8.49 min/mile 1 mile warmup, 5 x 800m (8, 7.56, 7.55, 7.57, 7.37 min/mile) with 800m recovery. Actually got onto the track this week, it was nice to not worry about tripping. I debated adding on an extra interval this week, so I just put my head down and got it done.
Walking - a very cold and windy 15 min walk.

Running 4 miles @ 9.55 min.mile  Exhausted. I just took it really easy and enjoyed a run to the river and back with some good music.
Walking 1 hour

Friday - rest -  mostly worrying over what to pack for the cold.

Saturday-driving to Virginia and wine tasting. We went to the Keswick Vineyards Tasting room after checking into our hotel. Boomer was allowed into the tasting room as they don't serve food there (we called to check) which was nice because it was way too cold to leave him in the car. At the bar you get to try a selection of wines. I was driving so even tho the tasting portions are small I got even tinier ones, a sip at the most, enough that I didn't feel left out :)  Martina got a nice glass of red after the tasting and we hung out for a while. Boomer meanwhile was the center of attention, everyone wanted to say hello to him and he lapped it up. We hung out in the hotel for the evening with a snoring puppy.

Running 13.1 @ 9.09 min/mile  at the Adam and Eve Half Marathon in Charlottesville VA. 9˚F at the start brrrrr! 1:59:57 which is my first sub-2 hour half (barely) in a long time.  I didn't bust a gut to get it and felt good until the last mile when my hip flexors decided they were done with running in sub-zero temps. I'll review the race later.
Hiking 2 hours (4 miles)  2 miles mostly up hill,  then 2 miles mostly down hill to see the Cascades waterfall in VA.

I'm pretty happy with this week. Next week again I'm going to keep my miles the same as I'm still having shin pain sporadically. I think another week or two and I'll bump it up to 30 for another couple of weeks. That'll be a good mileage as a strong base and I can go from there to including some longer back to back runs in at the weekends to get me ready for my double in May.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Cascades Waterfall: Jefferson National Forest, VA

In case you can't tell I love waterfalls. I think they are incredible and like that they add a destination to a hike. After running the Adam and Eve Half Marathon on Sunday (it went well will post about it later) we started to make our way home but rather than take the most direct route we went home a different way so we could take a break for a hike and see what is meant to be one of the best waterfalls in Virginia.

We made out way westward from a very cold Charlottesville to Jefferson National Forest. The further we drove the icier the roads looked and the last stretch had snow lining the roads....gulp I've driven more in the south of the US than in Ireland so my experience driving on ice or snow is not so extensive. However, other than the last 5 miles I think all the roads were salted so it was fine.

There are two trails to get to the falls, a lower trail that follows the river and an upper that climbs up so you can see the valley. The lower trail description said there were some obstacles so we went with the upper as I didn't want to fall on my ass. The upper is an approximately 2 mile hike upwards. 
For most of it we were like two kids (three including Boomer) playing with the snow and marveling at the ice formations. Eventually my energy died a little and it was up to Boomer to give me a little pull up the hill. Maybe I should have eaten more than a piece of lemon cake and coffee after the race! Surprisingly we were not the only crazies out hiking when it was 19F, there were a lot of people and dogs out. So imagine how popular this trail must be in the summer.

Parts of the trail were lined with what I think might be rhododendrons. It'd probably be a beautiful hike when they are in bloom. Eventually we made it to Cascade Falls. The falls drop over cliffs into a huge pool at the bottom. They were absolutely beautiful partially frozen. 

They way back down was a lot easier we just had to take it easy because neither of us thought to take hiking shoes (my Brooks runners have zero grip). Even being careful we both took a fall. Martina landed  on her back and of course I couldn't stop myself laughing (I'm so mean) but she got payback when I fell myself...but Boomer kind of broke my fall. The poor dog was so offended that I partially fell on him.

We made it back down and as we were starting to drive snow started. We drove a little ways and we were both so hungry that when we took a wrong turn into a McDonald's we stopped there for food (breakfast sandwiches minus the meat). As we ate the snow started to get stronger. We ended up driving through a storm for over 2 hours. I now have lots of snow driving experience. We slid once changing lanes but other than it being exhausting having to concentrate so hard it wasn't bad. I did see someone being towed after sliding into a pole but some people were driving like it was a sunny day so I'm not too surprised.
 About two hours from home we emerged from the snow storm safely. It was nice to drive more than 40mph on a highway and we made it back around 10pm. Boomer tired from the hiking and meeting his many admirers slept the whole way home. What an adventure. I've had such a good weekend wine tasting, running and hiking but man am I tired. I think today will be a rest day.

I'd 100% recommend Cascade Falls as a hike if you are in the area it was amazing. I think summer or winter it would be worth the journey.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Netflix: Four great TV shows I'm watching

Believe it or not, I rarely watch TV during the day but at night it's game on! I don't have cable or over the air TV so I rely pretty heavily on Netflix. I thought I'd put up some of the TV shows I've been watching in case anyone would like some good recommendations and I'd love some in return. I haven't put up documentaries, of which there are a ton of great ones on Netflix, or movies because they seem more subjective.
A Norweigan show about the collaboration of EU and Russia to occupy Norway in order to bully them into restarting their oil production after stopping it in favor of producing a newly discovered source of clean energy. It shows the balance between the political side not wanting war and at the same time fighting back and the eventual realization that they've been owned by the Russians. Subtitled but don't let that deter you.

The Blacklist 
The shows description tells it all but what draws you in is trying to figure out the past connections between the two main characters.
Madam Secretary
I would describe this as House of Cards Lite. Easy watching but still keeps your attention. Follows Elizabeth a former CIA agent with no political ambitions be recruited to be the Secretary of State by her former boss who now happens to be the president. The show follows her learning the ropes at her job while trying to figure out why her predecessor was murdered.

The Fall
A show set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, so very close to home for me. Gillian Anderson plays a police officer brought in to oversee an investigation into how a previous murder case was handled but ends up staying on to hunt a serial killer. Gillian has a great English accent in this and until I looked up why,  I didn't realize she'd been born and lived in England for a short while.

So there is my four shows.....suggestions for more please!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Feeling the urge to splurge

Every so often I get this insane urge to sign up for a bunch of half marathons...FOMO! This time I've managed to restrain myself to one, the Big Easy Running Festival Half Marathon. They do a rolling registration starting at $1. 
Unfortunately, I didn't catch onto this on time and got in at the current slot of $40, still a really good price for a half. I might not be in the South in December but Louisiana is proving to be a tricky state to fit in right now so if I am here I'll be glad I've done it. If I'm not and I'm working..oh no a trip to New Orleans! Otherwise I've lost $40 not nice but not devastating. 
To appease my impulsive registration tendencies I've also decided to finally do something I've been thinking and talking about for a while, run a few shorter local races. 

So I've signed up for:
Get to the Green 5k- great race that I did last year, let's hope it doesn't rain this year- March
Heart and Sole 5 miler -a women's only race raising awareness of heart disease - April 
Jailbreak 5k - in aid of the Lexington Sheriffs Dept. - May

This is silly but guess what? They all give out finishers medals so I won't be missing my bit of bling. In all, I probably registered for 4 races for way cheaper than a Disney race and close to the price of one of the other more expensive half marathons I stopped myself signing up for. Excited!!

Training Log

Well this week had been interesting, I kept my mileage the same as last week (27 miles) but I had to move some stuff around because we had some tornadoes!!

Body Pump - A good class. We have two different bars, in class, one is a couple of pounds heavier than the other, I've been using the heavier one for a while. Then when I want to go up in weight, on some of the smaller muscle groups, I can switch out to the lighter bar and add weight but not have the increase be overwhelming...cheating? Nah. 
I hit 40lbs on my squat weight. Finally catching up to some of the long time class goers. I think I'll leave it there for a while and focus on keeping my form correct. 

Running -Ran 3 miles @ 9.26 min/mile to the river and back with Boomer. Since all the flooding the river banks look more like beaches (sandy soil here) a lot of vegetation has gone because of winter and a lot died because of the flooding. It looks strange but I'm sure once spring comes around it'll revive itself. What was nice was the sand contains a ton of shiny flakes...there be gold in that there river! 
I was sorry I forgot my phone it looked really pretty glittering in the sunshine. It was also warm, +70, but we've had about a week of highs in the 70s.

Walking -20 minutes with Boomer, ended a bit sooner than we'd have liked as it started to rain.
Body Pump - nothing to report except the consistent rage of trying to get parking at the gym. 

I knew the weather was going to be variable but I thought it'd just be a bit of rain. Cold front, meet warm weather, bam tornadoes. Myself and Boomer were tucked away in the bedroom closet for a while in the afternoon, we hightailed it in there once the sirens started going off. We did get some heavy rain and wind at our house but nothing worst than a bad thunderstorm but a few tornadoes (and by tornadoes I mean barely tornadoes, except one that flipped some cars)  dropped around town. The tornado watch ended around 4.30pm but it continued storming until no running.

Running - 5 miles @8.56 min/mile. Much colder today. I started out on the track but got kicked off by high schoolers. At least the coach was nice enough to tell me their training times so I can get there and be finished before they come, next time.
I did my 800s around the football pitches. They are very uneven but at the same time its a softer surface than asphalt or concrete so its nice on my legs and joints. 1 mile warmup, 4 x 800m with 800m recovery (800s @ 8.12, 8.18, 8.19 and 8.08 min/mile). Pretty happy with that since I'm usually slower on grass and I splashed my way through lots of water on each lap.

Finished on time to go collect Martina and then Boomer who was in daycare, with his best friend Bailey, who was also coming home with us for the weekend.

**No rest today :( because of moving runs around
Running - 4 miles @9.31 min/mile. 
I took Bailey out for 1.5 miles around the house and then Boomer for 2.5 miles So much peace with two tired dogs. The hands free leash is one of the best thing I've bought for Boomer. Its so good for running.

Bodypump (FAIL) -  Classes were canceled for staff training. I was annoyed I didn't check the class online, before I went, but then I probably wouldn't have gone to the regular gym by myself if I had. I did 45 minutes of weights for everything but lots of leg and back work.
 I watched people doing really frickin high jumps onto platforms from a standstill with weights. I'd break my face! What I would love to be able to do is a pull up. What if I end up hanging off of a building or cliff some day? I'd never be able to pull myself up over the edge!!!
Running - 6 miles @ 9.26 min/mile. 1 mile warmup, built up the pace to 8.30 over 4 miles, and then got stopped in my tracks by a train for around 10 minutes. Good thing that the tracks are about a mile from my house...perfect cool down point rather than mid-run. Ran the last mile home very slowly.

Cute as a button but sometimes a meany poo
I was soaking in the bath after the run and some drama started. Boomer was playing with an empty overturned bowl. One that we'd given Bailey some food in that morning, not hers from home just a random bowl. She went crazy at him, grabbed him by the throat and wouldn't let go even though he wasn't fighting back just screaming.

 They've had their scuffles before (as all dogs do) but this was bananas. Martina couldn't get her off him so I leapt out of the bath completely naked, water everywhere and dragged her off him.
 Boomer came into the bathroom with me, he was shaking like a leaf. I felt a little shaky too. Bailey is normally a very nice dog but I definitely think sometimes she reacts inappropriately to situations and this was one of those times, especially judging by how shook up Boomer was. I felt so irrationally angry because my baby was so afraid. We separated them for a while but he was afraid of her for the rest of the day and even the next day he really didn't want anything to do with her. I don't know if the romance is over or if it'll just take a while for him (and us) to trust her again.

Running-  9 miles @ 9.41 min/mile. A shorter long run this week as I'm running a half next weekend. It was another good one though. I had tired arms (triceps mostly) towards the end which was probably from the gym otherwise everything felt great.