Sunday, 31 January 2016

Training this week

Do you think we improve gradually, or in little leaps? I'm not sure, maybe I just don't notice that I feel stronger until it's a significant improvement. This week has been like that all of my runs have been really good, I've felt strong with lots of energy...even running hungover!

BodyPump - really good but tired after.

Swimming - 20 mins of laps and 15 mins jacuzzi
Running - 5 miles @ 9.39 min/mile. It felt really good, my back was very loose after swimming. I got to run a little on the river trails. My favorite one (where the canal broke) is still not opened :( I'm missing that one bad.

BodyPump - Harder than Monday but it still felt good.
Running - 4 miles @ 8.49 min/mile 1 mile warm up, 3x 800m (7.50, 7.48, 7.38 min/mile) <-- all faster than they really should be but I felt really good. 800m recovery in between.

Running - 4 miles @10.02 min/mile.
Friday - rest

I was a little hungover so no BP as planned. The older I get the worst the hangover is! That and the fact that I don't really like to drink a lot is why I rarely have more than 1/2 drinks. BUT once in a while it's nice to let loose and have some fun with friends.
Running - 4 miles @ 9.54 min/mile around the football pitches at the park. I didn't feel awesome but I felt like I could have ran for longer except it was getting too dark.

Running - 10 miles @ 9.47 min/mile. A really good run. Mentally, I really enjoyed it and physically, other than a little shin pain and a blister I felt fantastic.

I still did not make it to a yoga class, yes I am an organizational failure, but I have been a lot more diligent with stretching.

For the next few weeks I'll probably hold my mileage around where it is (27 this week) I don't want to increase it much more other than increasing 800s on Wednesdays until I can consistently run without any shin pain.

I mainly want to hold onto my consistency so I can start to pay more attention to pushing the pace more in the easier runs. I've been happy to run very easy for the most part so I get the miles done but I'd like to find what pace easy actually is right now in case I'm being really lazy.


  1. I think you would know if you were being really lazy with your pace! :)

    Do you plan to do other speedwork beyond 800s?

    I seem to notice different things in different increments, for improvement. Like running, I notice gradually (day by day), but strength I see big things - like, "Oh! Pushups are easy now"! etc :)

    1. yes I will eventually but I'd like to build up to doing a decent number of 800s before I start to do anything shorter/faster. When I go shorter I tend to go all out rather than sticking to a goal pace.
      Other than that I'll probably make Saturdays a temp/progession run every other week. I realy want to build up to harder efforts at half marathon pace before I start to push past that

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