Sunday, 24 January 2016

Training this week

 Body Pump 1 hour 
I started the week off with a positive frame of mind, rather than be worried about my first class back since before the holidays I was excited. Since it was MLK day, and there were no university classes, the gym and BP was jam packed. I retained some sort of strength over the holidays because I used the same weights as I did before Christmas and really only struggled with the chest track. Class felt AWESOME!

Running - 4.5 miles @ 9.57min/mile
Cold but bright day. I was a little sore from BP but I had fun.

 Body Pump 1 hour 
Dropped the weights a little for the chest track but other than that everything felt good.
Running - 3 miles- 1 mile warmup, 2x 800m (8.30min/mile) with 800m recovery
Everything felt good.

Running - 4 miles @ 10.04min/mile with Boomer
Felt inner shin splints on my left leg...grrr a sure sign I need to lose more weight or get more padded shoes. The pup was a little champ and had a great time. I love seeing his happy, laughing face after a run.

Complete rest. Iced my shin a lot and rolled out my calves to make sure they aren't too tight.
Body Pump 1 hour
Cluster f8888 with parking and then, when I eventually made it to class, it was so full they had no mats or benches. I was tempted to leave but I stuck it out and killed it. Pretty sure I re-bruised my knee a little but a week and a half later the bruise is almost gone.

Our only snow

Stormy skies for the snow

Running - 5 miles  -1 mile warm up, 1 mile progressions (8.50,  8.44,  8.26), 1 mile cool down
Laced my shoes up tight and wore calf compression sleeves. Only one or two twinges in my shin. Iced after.

Running - 9 miles @ 10.18 min/mile
A hilly 9 miles. I took it really easy and chilled out with some music. Again only one/two shin twinges.

  • In case you can't tell the possibility of shin splints freaks me out. I had them years (eons really) ago when I was overweight and they were a nightmare I do not want to relive. As a result I changed around BP days to give myself one day completely off, something I probably should have been doing all along really. Also, a hard day on Saturday (BP and running) will help prepare me for my double half marathon weekend in May.
  • Overall, I'm happy with this week 25.5 miles total and 3 rounds of BP.
Next week:
I will actually do yoga. Add another 800m interval to Wednesday speed work and another mile to my Sunday run, depending on how I feel, as well as some extra low intensity stuff like swimming and walking.

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