Sunday, 17 January 2016

Training this week

Positives this week -Losing 2lbs of Christmas weight (out of 4). Kicking ass with eating healthier. Hoping to continue on and finally lose the extra few pounds I've been carrying for a while.
Running for 5 days and enjoying it.
Not so good- Not getting to start back to gym classes like I wanted to...down to disorganization and being a klutz.

Nothing but the long drive back from Alabama and unpacking. 
A nice 4 mile run that felt easy 9.10 min/mile

I also got a whole new cooker after the old one gave up on life. It's so much prettier than the old white one.
Got up at 6.30 and changed for body pump only to remember I hadn't got a class pass which I can only buy during office hours...doh!
Only 2.6 miles at 10.30 min/mile. I got taken down by some raised sidewalk. I had around 2 minutes of blinding pain where I just lay on the floor cursing not caring if I was seen or heard. It ripped up my hands and my knee a little through gloves and pants grrr! I'm sure I swore like a sailor ha ha! I need to pick up my feet more.

I felt more like I'd been in a small car crash rather than a simple trip and fall so I switched my rest days around.

5 miles at 9.57 min/mile.
Side note, I've been listening to Adeles new album on repeat for my runs lately. I think I might be a little obsessed, along with half the world. Then I saw her rapping Nicki Minajs Monster on YouTube and I think I love her even more now, she is hilarious.

3.4 miles at 10.02 min/mile. Nice evening run.
6 miles at 10.32 min/mile. Did mini zig zags through a nice neighborhood to keep the run interesting and to add a few miles. I got to around 5 before my bruised knee began to hurt and ran home from there. I think it's a little swollen still and it's also time for some new shoes so running on concrete most of the time was probably not good.
Next week: I'm looking forward to getting some strength training in (as I remembered to buy my pass) and also a yoga class for a good stretch.


  1. Yikes! That is quite the bruise! I hope it's all healed up by now!

    And yay for getting back on track with running! (and losing a few pounds!)

    1. Nope if anything it looks worst now ha, ha but I'm hoping thats everything coming to the surface, meaning the internal swelling is gone or going down...fingers crossed!

      thanks :)