Thursday, 28 January 2016

Removing all the noise

It's shocking how much of our personal data is passed around from company to company. I get as many as 4-5 credit card offers a week in the mail and some mornings I can wake up to over 20 promotional emails, not to mention the phone calls I've received about winning a cruise etc. etc. Some of that is my own fault, like giving stores my email or phone number, but a lot of it is unsolicited. The time and mental space used to filter and delete/trash all this 'useless stuff' is annoying.

So I've made a few simple steps
Adding my number to the do not call registry to stop unsolicited phone calls.

Opting out of receiving prescreened credit card offers
You can do this for 5 years online ( or permenantly opt out by mail.

Taking the time to unsubscribe from 2 email lists a day starting with those that email me daily but I never read.

Refusing to give my number or email at stores. It's helps that I've not been doing a lot of shopping recently :) They don't need this information to complete transactions and I've probably used coupons from the resulting emails once or twice (with the exception of World Market..for chocolate or sometimes coffee). 

I hoping that over time it'll declutter my life a little more.

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