Friday, 11 December 2015

Thursday Randomness

Procrastionation is the bane of my life. Stress makes me ignore whatever is stressing me out...which never works. Which is why I still haven't started to pack for Monday, I hate packing. However, I finally looked at my list of required visa documents and by some streak of luck I have them all. I just have to print my picture, CVS here I come!

I was entering my results from the RnR San Antonio into the Half Fanatics site and it turns out I finished in the top 25% of the field. In a race that big, its not a big deal but can I call myself a front runner?.. I'll be breaking the tape any day now ha ha

I haven't run or done any exercise this week so far. A major case of the lazies has occurred...that and I want my shoulders to loosen up. I'm also catching up on sleep, which I didn't really get in San Antonio, before I travel for 12+ hours.  Lets not go into jet lag already tired.
yes that is a 4 hour layover

Lastly, I found a 5k I could run at home (if I can get to it) on St.Stephens Day/Boxing Day. It'll be cold and flat and maybe fast..if I get to do it. So maybe RnRSA wasn't my last race of 2015!!!!

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