Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The trip home

I'm here, in Ireland!! I left Columbia at 8.30 am on Saturday and made it to Dublin around 2 am EST. My flights were really good.
Despite the 4 hour layover my bag did not make it on the flight to Dublin. Filling out the forms to track the bag and get it delivered was interesting considering remembering the date was a struggle at that stage!! It ended up being delivered to my parents house before I even got there. So other than delivering some presents (which I can do later) it was more lugging it on and off a bus.

I was greeted (for the first time as in-laws...awkward but not really) by Martina's parents at the airport and went to their house. After a big welcome by Charlie, an English cocker spaniel, I went to bed for a few hours, before being spoilt for the day. I slept for pretty much a full nights sleep later that night (Irish time) so thats got me well settled into the new time zone.

Then this morning was the one appointment I was nervous about...the US embassy! It was a breeze. I had one moment of panic because they wanted my birth cert, which I didn't have, but that was a mix up. A quick interview and my visa was approved..they have really streamlined the system.  Now I'm just waiting for my passport to be couriered back on time for my flights :) I'm so relieved and happy that it went well!

A quick stop off for my small bag and I was on a bus towards home. I finally got to see my parents, brother, dogs and meet my brothers gf for the first time. Somehow I've managed not to cry once, tear ducts of steel!

I've been sampling some of the food I've been missing..mostly junk food like Club Orange (type of soda) and Tayto (cheese and onion flavored chips). I'll be the size of a house by the time I get back. No running yet since its mostly all been travelling but tomorrow I'm going to get out! Beautiful running weather here right now if its not raining.

I'm going to leave it there for now..sorry about the lack of pictures my parents internet might implode trying to upload this, never mind pictures. My instagram is on the side bar or (@kathyoconnell83) if you want to see my trip as it unfolds.

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