Friday, 11 December 2015

San Antonio, Texas Highlights

The Zoo
This is a old zoo and apparently one of the first to breed a white rhino. When I go to a zoo I compare everything back to the one in Dublin which has done such a great job expanding its enclosures to create a more natural environment for the animals. This one seemed small  in comparison but the animals seemed happy. The stars were the baby lions who had fun stalking their dad and playing with each other.

 We also had fun feeding the Lories. All you had to do was clean your hands, buy some nectar and go into their enclosure and these little guys went nuts. They even know how to take the lid of the nectar container!!

The Menger Hotel
Yes the hotel we stayed in is actually something people come to see. It opened in the 1800s and has a long history and a very famous guest list. I can see why.

The Riverwalk
The riverwalk was originally built to prevent flooding in parts of San Antonio. Its lined with hotels, bars and restaurants (mostly mexican or steakhouses). Its very busy and I'm sure it gets old fast  but its beautiful lit up with millions of lights for Christmas. A 40 minute boat tour is a fun way to learn some of the history behind it, we did it at night to take in the lights.

The Saga at the San Fernando Cathedral 
Charting the history of San Antonio in pictures projected onto the San Fernando Cathedral. A great way to spend 20 minutes.

El Mercado Spanish Market
The largest Mexican Market in the US. Lots of indoor and outdoor shops, restaurants...and margaritas.

The Alamo
Famous for the Mexican-American war battle here, these beautiful old buildings were originally a Spanish mission. In the main building and throughout the grounds you can see artifacts from the time of the battle.

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