Thursday, 3 December 2015

January plans

I've decided not to run the back to back half/25k in January that I was considering. I don't think I'll be ready in time. Although, I'm happy with how I've progressed in the last few weeks, I don't want to screw up by piling on the mileage on that weekend when I'm not ready and injuring myself. 
The decision was made the more I thought about my trip home. Realistically, I know I'm going to miss some (a lot) running and lifting for the two weeks I'm there. Its just not practical where I live to run on the roads. I'll be 100% reliant on other people (aka my brother) to get to a gym or trail and when I lived at home for a short while, before moving to the US, his dedication to being my chauffeur was patchy at best ha ha. 
This leaves me running just the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon that weekend. In good news this opens up the opportunity to do something other than run and drive on this trip. Right now my plan is to leave early on Friday, camp in Jackson MS, run Saturday morning and then drive 2-3 hours back to Alabama, hike part of Saturday and Sunday before driving the rest of the way home. I found an awesome camping spot and an opportunity to do some hiking not that far from our route home.
Not a bad view!

This will be my first experience of winter camping. I'm looking forward to the camping, not so much the cold. It won't be really really cold because we are so far south but regardless sleeping outside at this time of year is a shock to the system. We can hire some additional gear (like real sleeping bags) from the university recreation center to make it better. This will keep the whole trip to a very manageable cost compared to staying in hotels and it's an adventure. 

Has anyone else done cold weather camping? Any tips?

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