Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Week beginning Nov 2nd

7am BodyPump- hard but getting into the swing of it.
Rain ALL day so no walks.

7am 30 minutes swim Met one of my friends, we swam, then hot tubbed it for a chat. Nowhere near as sore as this day last week but the swim was really good to loosen up my shoulder and back.
11.30am 30 minute walk with Boomer Boomer got a haircut then we went to the vet, got his nails cut and afterwards a walk to calm down.
1pm 30 minutes yoga used an app called Down Dog it was pretty good.
4.30pm 4 miles running Easy running. My pace was better because I wasn't so sore. I enjoyed it. I checked in on the river trail and its taken a step back. Its under about 7-8 feet of water, boooo!!!

7am Body Pump- Easiest one yet. I think my body goes into shock when I haven't done a class in a while and after a few more then decides this isn't bad after all.
4.30pm 3 miles at the track (with 5x400s) well this kicked my ass, in a good way. I was like a filly sprinting out of the stables for the first 2 400ms, think 6 something miles. Hey, I was excited to be at the track. Then the pace dropped off until I was a wheezing mess by the end of the last one. I went home sweaty, tired and happy.

8.30 yoga 1.5 hours
The instructor was late but did an extra long class. I was especially non-flexible today and completely shown up by very flexible people in their early 20s. Hell I could do the splits at their age....jealous much,yes I am.
Noticed yesterday in BodyPump that it was sore to put pressure on my left hand...mucho compensation with weight balancing in yoga and later ice. My wrist must be tight from gripping weights wrong or too hard?
Around a mile of dog walking left the car in to get a nail taken out of a tire and have the hole repaired. Drove there with a dog who was so excited to meet people and smell tires in the showroom. Walked home and later back to pick up the car.
5pm 3 mile run I picked Martina up early (well she'd already worked a normal length work day) so we sat around and had a cup of tea and talked about our day. So, I left this run a little late, reflective gear and blinking lights ahoy! Added a giant hill in on the way out and enjoyed the downhill on the way back.

1.5 mile run 11.45 ran in the never ending rain to BP and lapped soccer fields.
12pm Body Pump Martina had the car today, as she was giving a presentation at a conference in Charleston..exciting! The combo of no car and Boomer keeping me awake all night, meant it was easier to combine my class and run during daylight hours..and have a lie in. BP felt easier with a proper warm up.
1pm 1 mile run hoped to do more but I was surprised by how heavy my legs felt, must have been the squats.

Saturday no exercise other than a bit of yard work

4.30pm 3 mile run
I exchanged Martina for a second cocker spaniel, babysitting in return for the same when we were away. My friends were at the ill fated RnR Savannah. Their dog has bad separation anxiety so I took both dogs out with me for a run so I would not come home to a torn up living room.
It surprisingly went really well and boomer loved having a running buddy. He kept trying to rub up against her and bite her ears like a puppy. For the first time in a while it was not only rainy but cool...really nice.

Pretty happy with my increasing mileage this week. I plan to mainly add to my Sunday run next week. I don't want to overload myself too quick with all the classes I'm taking.

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