Tuesday, 10 November 2015


7am Body Pump

7am 30 min swim then hot tub and coffee again. I might not like swimming with other people but it's soooo nice at least once a week to talk to someone outside my household.
4pm 4 mile run finally the sun shone. It was hovering right around 70F and 60% humidity. Not perfect running weather but a lot better than it has been recently. Boomer came along and was exhausted after.

7am BodyPump drove through heavy fog to get there which is unusual for here. Didn't want to get up but I'm glad I did. I felt really strong. Second class of increased squat weight and increased my back weight today. Time to start moving away from the baby weights now that I've had a couple of weeks to break myself into my new routine.
5pm 3.5 miles running at the track. 1 mile warm up and 3x800m (@goal, in my dreams goal, HM pace) with quarter mile recovery. Found the longer intervals harder than the shorter faster ones but it's fun to mix it up and do some different types of speed work. Tried to stick to around a 8.30 min/mile for the 800s but ended up being closer to 8.

4 miles running by myself. The river is getting closer to letting go of my running path but not yet.
6pm yoga went to my favorite class for a great stretch

By 9am I was outside trying to scrub all the crap the trees had deposited on my car in the last few weeks off. It was a bigger job than I thought and it went on until 11.30...what an arm workout.
12am Body Pump it was good struggled a bit with shoulders but everything else felt strong.
Lunch then another few hours of home workouts with cleaning up the yard, as some friends were coming to park in it for the football game.

I was meant to run but I was doing work in the morning when my Mom called me with the sad news that an old friend had died in a car crash. I hadn't spoken to her too much in the last few years, because of life and stuff, but her family were like my second one growing up. About an hour later it hit me and I spent the rest of the day in tears and cried myself into a migraine. Poor Martina came home after a week in Boston to a complete grump.

Sunday 8 mile run
Started out feeling awkward and meh, even my clothes felt off but by the end I felt good and strong. I actually got faster as the run progressed. Spent a lot of time thinking of all the people who died too soon.

Next week: Another couple of miles on my long run and 4-5 miles on Saturday as I want to build up to a longish run both Saturday and Sunday to get me ready for doubles.

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  1. Aww man, I am so sorry about your friend back home passing away :( I hope the run on Sunday was full of good memories of those that have passed too soon.