Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Training week

I decided since there were no classes after Monday this week and there is a holiday I'd make this an easy(ish) week. I kept up my usual strength Monday, Wednesday but nixed the extra cardio Tuesday, Thursday and strength on Friday

7am BPump stiff but I got through it.
9am 40 minute walk with Boomer 

6pm 4 mile run. I drove to the downtown area and looped around the state house. On the second loop I added in 4 runs up and down the staircases at the front of the building.
Giant tree at the statehouse

9am 1 hour leg strength gym--not as intense as a class but I used it as an opportunity to up the weight.
11am 45 minutes running around the dog park like a crazy person with Boomer and his new friends then a 15 minute walk.
5pm 4 mile run with 3x800 m at HM goal pace Great run it felt really smooth and strong. 
I wanted to add another interval but some guy had been hanging out at the track for the entire time I was there (and looked like well before) not running just watching. At first I thought he was with a family that was there but they left and then as the last other runner was leaving he still hung around. It might have been completely innocence but I got a bad vibe and finished up, especially as my last lap some comments were made and I was now on my own....couldn't hear enough to know what was said. Trust your gut!!

1pm 4 miles running A quick run before rushing home to get ready for dinner at a friends house. A warm one at 70F but pleasant and part of the riverwalk across the river has reopened yipee!!

Friday rest
5pm 5 miles easy running It was also the last gamecocks game of the season so no worrying about how to time my run or go get milk for a while, yay!!  I avoided most of the madness but still I encountered a ton of very drunk people.

Tree bought and up

3pm 11 mile run being nosey I wanted to make my way to the Lake Katherine area to see what it was looking like post flooding. It took me 5.5 miles to get there. It was weird seeing the lakes there so low. Other than really bad (vomit in mouth, eugh) acid reflux,<---eat tacos post run not pre, it felt great, even with hills I felt like I could have gone longer. My average pace snuck in just under 10min/mile even though it was over 70F so I'm getting fitter.
Empty River 

Next week I'm heading to San Antonio Texas to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon there, I'm really excited to see Texas.

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