Thursday, 19 November 2015

Training Week

I've enjoyed this week so much. Mentally I felt great, really positive aka this is the first week that I really didn't let anything get in the way of running. I've been extremely tired at times, I still ran. I ran in lashing rain and in the dark. Guess what, I don't melt in rain! Physically I feel like I've made some sort of a break through. Maybe it's because as you'll see it was light on classes but either way it was an extremely encouraging week.


My own gym membership had run out so I had to get set up through Martina. The first use of our marriage license got me a spouse card at the university which allowed me to get a new membership to the gym. They were really nice and switched my class pass over to my new acc so I wouldn't have to get a new one for the last few weeks of the semester. All had to be done during normal business hours so no class just paperwork.

7am 30 mins light cardio Another class fail. My friend couldn't meet me to swim so I decided to go to a spin was full boooo!!! I did 30 mins split between a bike and the elliptical in the main gym. Then I spent around 15 minutes stretching everything out.
10am 30 minutes walking A fifteen minute visit to the dog park where we met a gorgeous apricot colored mini poodle. Then a 30 minute walk so Boomer could get his strut on.
3pm 5 miles running a good run. My easy pace isn't getting a whole lot faster but I'm feeling stronger. If I need to pick up the pace I can do it. I even finished the last half a mile a little faster. 
A little lifting?

7am 1 hour BodyPump good class. Got some good pointers after class for my chest press since its been hard on my weak shoulder and wrist. My instructor also told me to up my weight for it because I'm strong and too light a weight is messing me up a little, what now?! I'm getting there, I can now do some push-ups on my toes, woohoo! Now to make them all that way.
3pm 4 mile run with (3x800m at goal HM pace) I felt sore starting out but I loosened up. I did a 1 mile warm up and then 800m intervals with 800m easy in between. High school kids were being coached on the track and their coach said I couldn't run at the same time so I ran on the grass around the soccer pitches. A little hard on the ankles but fun.
8am 30 mins gym cardio the yoga teacher was late again (I don't think I'll go to his class again) so I went to the gym instead. I only saw the teacher as I was leaving. Myself and classes just can't get it on this week.
4pm 3.5 miles running with Boomer Filled out my visa application it took 2 hours!! Despite filling everything out and submitting it, correctly to the best of my knowledge, I spent the entire day paralysed by the clenching your jaw type of stress. Of course I couldn't connect the logical part of my brain, that knew a run would make me feel better, with the motivational part. I went, did it and immediately the stress dialled itself back why didn't I run earlier.

12pm BodyPump I felt like a total beast in this class and it was fun. I struggled as usual on lunges and shoulders but everything else I upped the weight again. I was a little sore the next day but not paralyzed so I think I'll stick with the current weight and up it again a few weeks after Christmas.

4pm 4 miles running 1 mile warmup, 2x sub 9 min/mile, 1 mile cool down. I got lots of jeers in the post game traffic but I stared straight ahead and just ran. The last mile really was a cool down as the heavens opened and I got drenched in rain. A really nice run. It'll take a while before I'm able to run longer tempo runs but I felt strong and the pace felt good.

8 miles running I stuck to an eight mile long run again this week, mostly because I was running in the dark along the (sidewalk) road. Now that I don't have a busy trail to run on, night time running has become more like a danger sport, because despite reflectors out the wazhoo and blinking lights, cars still don't see me (I'm so fast...not) and they seem to think turn signals are optional. Rant over! 
A little Christmas lighting

On a happier note I really enjoyed this run. My ankles got a bit sore towards the end because a lot of the sidewalks are slanted, other than that I felt great the whole time. 

Next week...get my long run done early and add more miles to it.

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  1. OH MY GOSH. Don't even get me started on the turn signals! I was just complaining to my dad about that. USE THEM. Even if there are NO cars around. I need to know where you are going. My dark run last night felt a bit dangerous, and I hate that. I wore my reflective stuff, a light and was on the correct side of the road, but, cars were still zooming by and getting too close :(

    Yay for having such a great week and feeling so awesome! I hope the visa app goes through!