Monday, 2 November 2015

Race plans

You know how I was trifling with the idea of a full marathon to motivate me to be stricter about running.....yeah, about that, it's not going to happen. 
Instead I'm going to focus on running in a few more states. Except I have almost zero disposable income anymore. Well to combine both things I'm going to run a couple of doubles i.e. A half on Saturday followed by one on Sunday. It'll save money and force me to train more.

So in one last splurge I signed up for 3 races. The Little Rock Half in Arkanas- giant medal and supposedly awesome race. Then a double, Kentucky Derby Festival Half, Louisville Kentucky followed by the Flying Pig Half in Cinnicnatti Ohio. This might not actually be my first double, ekk, I'm contemplating a 25k in LA the day after the MS Blues Half in January. That would be 5 states in 3 weekends. Those races bring me up to May, after that we'll see what the situation looks like. I might get to do more in the fall or none at all.

Unfortunately, I think the Lincoln Presidental Half aka giant penny medal, even tho it's the one I want to do the most, might be out of the picture. It's a 12+ hour drive, which I could break up into 2 days but Martina doesn't want me to drive that far by myself and can't take too much time off work. Perfectly  reasonable considering she comes along to everything with me (knitting in hand)!

I've been thinking about why I've been finding motivation hard for running, mostly longer runs, and I think I'm just being a bit of a spoilt brat. Of course taking time off for a break and/or injury is going to set you back a little in fitness and sucky weather is going to suck. I've been injury free for a while now but I've been putting off and putting off some more really trying hard. I think I just expect it to be easy and need to realize that nothing but a few months of hard work is going to make it that way. I just need to push through and these doubles will be the kick in the ass I need.


  1. This is the first year in a long time that Flying Pig is not the same weekend as the Wisconsin Half! That made me think about going it (with Wisconsin). It will be fun to train for those back to back halves and decide how you want to race them!

    1. You should!!! That would be fun. Kentucky works out well for me just because it's kind of on the way to Cinncinati so it'll break up the drive.

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