Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I apologize in advance. I feel weird taking these kinds of pictures and even weirder posting them on the internet. However, a stomach is a stomach, we all have one! 
I am officially marking my progress. I've been working out a lot for almost a month now. Running 5 days a week and either more cardio (twice) or strength training (three times) classes. Until today I felt like I'd make zero progress atheistically. I've lost 1-2 lbs, out of the 10-11 lbs I want to lose, and even that sometimes depends on the day I weight myself. 
A few weeks back (22 days to be exact--picture on top) I took a few pictures of my stomach. I don't what prompted me to do it, usually my stomach is the last place I see any results it, but I did.  Today I went back and took another set without looking at the originals and I was very surprised to see I looked different. I had more definition. I was so surprised that I took more at different angles or with more light and I wasn't tricking myself, I do look different.

As the weeks go on I'm sure I'll change more but I think if I cleaned up my diet I could do a whole lot better. I am eating healthier, now I'm at home all the time, especially during the day but in the evening if someone buys a bar of chocolate or some cookies I will binge on them.  Another thing I could do better on is drinking water. That has gone downhill since leaving work. I'm hardly drinking any water. My intake consists of tea, coffee and occasionally ginger ale.

I think picture taking might be my new favorite way of tracking my body changing. I'm so vain is playing somewhere in the distance. Don't worry I don't think I'm a super model or body builder...if only.  I'd love if my starting and progress picture could be better to start with but we all have to start (or restart) somewhere!


  1. What a difference! You definitely have a lot more tone and definition now. Isn't it amazing what a few changes to the diet will do? Keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you! Keep it up! It does seem like what you eat has a HUGE affect on stomach size (and bloat). Ugh... but that usually means eating way less carbs. Wah. Ha ha.

    1. Yummy carbs 😿 my problem is the really sugary carbs