Monday, 2 November 2015

Light the way

Do you ever make a mini change and wonder why the hell you haven't done it before. 

Probably because a trip to Walmart takes forever and they never have any staff around and you end up going to Target anyhow. I went to get a dehumidifier because everything in my bedroom feels damp and it's horrible. They were $10 cheaper in Walmart according to the internets but in the end I couldn't find it and they had no staff on the floor so I went to target where I immediately got help. My trip took over 2 hours!!!

The mini change was a little night light in the bathroom. I compulsively check the toilet when I go to the bathroom at night for snakes, rats...the boogeyman! I have good night vision but for that job it just doesn't cut it. My mom got bit by a rat that way as a kid and I've never forgotten the story...wish she'd never told me.

I thought of it weeks ago in Florida and forgot and for some reason getting the dehumidifier brought it back to me. It's awesome. No more blinding myself with full lights. The point is I need to get with it and do stuff when I think of it. Stop putting things off!!

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