Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fighting back

I hate damp and mold. I once lived in a new build, that obviously wasn't let dry out enough before painting and move in. I battled damp and mold there for almost a year. The landlord didn't care but eventually I won and it dried out. 
Now I find myself fighting that battle on a smaller scale again. Two weeks on honeymoon were great but two weeks of no AC in the house, this really did a number on us. Lesson learned. I've bought dehumidifiers, I'm running the AC, freezing myself, to get the humidity in the house down and I'm cleaning everywhere and constantly washing and drying towels etc. I doubt it would have been an issue except that we had a lot of ground water and then for the last few weeks it's rained and the humidity has been sky high. Everything coming into the house including the air is wet.

It's getting much better but it's been a disgusting couple of weeks, anything that is even a little damp starts to smell. I've changed out the shower curtain (it was due anyhow but suddenly got moldy). A pair of shoes had to be binned. All the liners of the laundry baskets had to be boil washed. Even my running belt was not immune from the mold. Under my sink had obviously leaked at some point so bleach ahoy and this morning on a whim I decided to pull out and wash the floor underneath the fridge. I hate moving appliances because they are not mine and I worry about something going wrong but I'm glad I did...you guessed it under the fridge was covered in mold. 

It's a bit like a horror movie every time I open a cabinet or pull stuff out to clean I'm worried about what I'm going to find. For now I'm going to leave this picture of my nice clean behind the fridge area to remind myself to keep deep cleaning.

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