Thursday, 29 October 2015

Week beginning Oct 26th 2015

My first week post-job. Lots of organisation going on. I have all my paperwork sorted out for now and I'm fine to stay until the end of my visa, yay!!
General weather this week

7am Body Pump 1 hour
8.10am Yoga at home 20 mins
4pm 30 mins walk with Boomer 
A very busy first day at home! I started really deep cleaning the house. No corner, nook, or canny unturned. The house has felt really damp, musty and dirty since the flooding. I think the crawl space underneath the house must have got a lot of water. So it feels good to clean. Doing a room a day. Judging by the living room I'm surprised we haven't all died from dust inhalation. Boomer is not impressed, I'm disturbing his usual 7+ hours of daytime sleeping.

7am Spin class 45 minutes...hoping to get blood flowing to alleviate DOMs from yesterday, left with a bruised bum lol.
2pm 2 mile run  with Boomer. I was so sore I wasn't sure I was capable of running and it was raining all day. I didn't let myself wuss out tho because I want to establish some sort of routine. I enjoyed it once I got going, Boomer didn't enjoy it so much. He wanted to stop, roll in the grass and do really giant slow blinks in the rain. The little man was not impressed. He has not been exercising much over the summer either so 2 miles was enough.
That face!

Cancelled our work garage pass and traded it in for a free pass that will let me park for 2 hours at the gym. There's $60 a month saved. As a result I had fun finding my way to and from the gym today. Also finally got my travel money back from the conference in Boston and cleared my credit card. A good money day.

7am Body Pump. Stuck to very light weights today to try let some soreness ease off. Came home, showered and had a protein shake. I lay down on the sofa for what was meant to be 5 minutes and fell asleep until 12. whoops. I woke up to find Boomer asleep in his crate instead of causing mischief. I've broken him!!
5pm 3 mile run my nap got rid of a lot of tiredness, stating the obvious, but soreness too. I was still really slow today but marginally faster than yesterday.

8.15am Yoga I didn't know that I was signing up for a photoshoot when I went to yoga. There were only two of us in the class with the instructor AND a photographer. Trying to close your eyes, relax and do breathing exercises is very difficult with really bright flashes going off. It was for promotional materials for the university.
Luckily they didn't stay long. The advantage of it being a very small class was I got lots of correction on my form. Still not as good a class as with my favorite teacher but hey it was pretty much free!
4.30pm 2.5 mile run with Boomer it was warm (around 80) so we kept it short. We finished at a dog park. After a few sniffs Boomer decided he was too tired to play so he laid down to watch the other dogs for a few minutes before we went and picked up his other mama.

7am Body Pump I made it! 5 days, 5 classes. Exhausting when starting from very little excercise but I'll adapt quickly. Of my 3 Body Pump classes this was the easiest. 

4pm 4 mile run by myself with some music this time. Nothing remarkable. Still not feeling any go in my legs. 

Sunday rest

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