Thursday, 22 October 2015

My new day to day life

You know how I thought my job was going to end in November...well it turns out the money ran out long ago, nobody has been checking, and tomorrow is my last day.

 I've been switched over to an unpaid affiliate position. I don't know what that means for the last three weeks of my visa. I hope is doesn't mess it up or I'll have to go ahead and book new flights for November, that might make me and my credit card cry a lot!!
I'm gonna assume it doesn't, continue on and look on the bright side. After tomorrow all of my time is my own. I've already planned out a rough schedule.

6am Get up
7am Gym class
8am Shower & Eat
9am Clean the house for an hour
10am dog walk for an hour
11am more cleaning/ food shopping, planning etc etc
12am lunch
1-2 review basic chem/bio/biochem in case I can tutor/teach next year
2-3 run
3-4.30 work on writing publication
4.30  cook dinner
5pm Dinner

I am going to try go to a gym class every weekday morning. I think it'll be rough for the first few weeks but  a.) I have to get Martina to work if we don't want to pay for parking and b.) it gets me out of bed and my day started with something productive. Some days the classes will just be yoga but I'll play around with it until I find what works.

There could be a ton of free time in my day or none at all, but its a start. I really want to work hard at 3 things

  • working out/losing weight/getting in great shape - when else am I gonna have the time to do it
  • getting a publication from my current research
  • keeping house so that when Martina gets home everything is done and its quality time for us
What it boils down to is I want to be busy all of the time and feel like I'm achieving things even if they are small things that don't seem that important to other people. I'm essentially going to be spending all day everyday by myself. I might end up having some very deep conversations with Boomer but it would be too easy to get really lonely and depressed. Nobody wants that!!


  1. I think it's smart to have a schedule like that, and things you want to accomplish during this time! It will keep your spirits up and keep your brain going. And nothing wrong with talking to Boomer! LOL!

    1. I already talk away to him, I get that from my Mom! He only talks back sometimes., ha ha. Yeah I might give up my schedule after 2 weeks and just sit in my jammies and get enormous but lets hope I can stick to it instead :)