Friday, 30 October 2015

My first week at home

Besides excerise, which I'll post separately about, I've been keeping myself busy deep cleaning parts of the house and doing various little projects.

Our porch got a little facelift with a wreath I made and some new flowers.
I've been baking a lot. Bread, scones and apple tarts. Any treats from now on have to be homemade. It's more economical and healthier. I like knowing exactly what is in my food.
I also like preserving things. Jam etc. can often be expensive to buy but if you are at home anyhow it's easy to make. We stocked up on a ton of stuff at Sams Club and I ended up buying a bag of limes and using them to make a few jars of marmalade.
In fact other than the occasional long nap I've been really busy. Next on the list is these bad guys
When food is provided right in your backyard why let it sit and rot. These black walnuts will take forever to process but they apparently are the nuts with the highest protein content. So worth it for a vegetarian right!! I think it's great we have 3 large plants/trees in our yard and they all produce edible fruit or nuts.

The days are flying by. I'm enjoying myself. I haven't done any work or 'studying' but I figure it's the first week so let's ease into this!!

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