Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Leaving work

 I'm a very organized, get it done sort of person so I'm actually finding all the changes associated with my job ending liberating. I'm free from the worry of what might happen and now I'm dealing with life as it comes. 
My last day at work was less upsetting than I thought. I'd been slowly cleaning my desk, hood and bench all week as well as passing on responsibilities and finishing up my last experiment (in that lab). 
 I like to leave knowing I've left the place in a better state than I began and I have. It took over a year to get the lab to make the transition from a messy disorganized organic chemistry lab to a cleaner, more organized biochemistry based one. I got to enjoy that change for almost two years, hopefully that will have a nice impact on the newer students that will eventually join the lab. 

I've also left behind my mark on the people. I got to mentor 3 of the Ph.D students for close to 3 years, one particularly closely. Hopefully, I've helped to mature them into better researchers. On a smaller scale my now former boss pointed out that he has learned a lot from me. So I hope what little influence I can have, on someone with 10+ years experience on me, also leaves its mark. 

Geez I sound very big headed! I've come to realize a large amount of a career in science is confidence and connections. If I don't have confidence in myself no one else will. I love the quote by Steve Jobs. Its very true. I just have to remember that and realize that for the most part this career break is a choice. One that I made to support my wife's career while also not having to move away from my little family. I could have a job somewhere else and a break doesn't mean the end of my career.

On a different note, I think part of me is going to be jealous of Martina and her career. She is going from strength to strength. Every week/month there is another achievement that makes me think that she is making her way towards being an exceptional world class researcher that will have a huge impact on cancer. Thats just a kernel of jealously that is completely overwhelmed with love and pride. I know we made the right choice and if it doesn't work out for our careers long term it is certainly worth a shot.

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