Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wednesday rambling thoughts

My view for the day invokes Vicks, tissues and Boomer. My ear infection etc. from the weekend has turned to my first full blown cold in a while. I don't get them often but when I do it's usually a doozy. At least I know wasn't imagining things!! I'm getting to catch up on some sleep and puppy snuggles. Damn all my coworkers and their germs...really I love you guys just not the germs. 

I blame them and the fact that the heat was out in my building at work for 3 days last week. For my building they cool the air to 55F, dehumidify it and then heat it to the temperature they want it to be. Seems a bit crazy which means I sat and worked in a room that was around 55F all day for 3 days  well really I alternated between that and sweating every time I walked outside. 
I feel like I'm getting sick and or injured a lot these last few months. I need to come out the other side of this, lose a little weight and run more..I don't get sick very often when I run a lot. 

I might be running a temperature but I'm toying with the idea of another full marathon. Not nessicarily for time but just as a distance goal that's scary and will force me to stick religiously to a schelude! Either that or I have to really sit down and think about a goal race (half marathon) to try for a PR. 

Regardless I'm actually looking forward to fall and even winter running. Don't quote me on that last one in January. Summer seems like a time when you should be out enjoying the long days and sunshine but then you realise that you've lost half your body weight in sweat, any speed you thought you had has disappeared and you've accumulated 10 million new bug bite scars on your slow legs. In summer  I generally feel like a running loser. 
Colder weather means faster running, no snakes, and minimal sweat. You can layer up for the cold but no one wants to see me run naked mid-summer ha ha. Yes running in the winter darkness is more dangerous but it's nice and calming. I won't have a job this winter anyhow so I guess I can run mid-day if I want woohoo. 
My only distraction from running this winter will be my trip home. I live in the country along dangerously busy roads. I'm going to have to plan out some places to run and get a ride there and back. Be prepared for some running photos from Ireland. It'll be a hell of a lot colder and wetter there. I don't think it'll be green at all then but hopefully it'll still be pretty.

 I have no idea where I'm going with this rambling post so I'll stop here and take another nap!

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