Monday, 21 September 2015

Washington DC

My first trip to DC was a nice two hour stroll around the monuments at the mall. This time I had two days. I arrived late on Friday night. Since I was travelling alone I went with the cheapest possible option, a bed in an eight bed dorm. 
I'm no stranger to hostels having stayed in them many times in Europe. While some people may turn their noses up at them, I think they are great way to travel. This one, HI DC was clean, had towels, Internet and a free breakfast. 
The only downside of hostels is sometimes there are some people who don't quite get that they are sharing a room. The first night a girl stayed up well after midnight shuffling stuff around her bag, got up at 5.30 and spent hours doing makeup etc. The next night she went in and out of the room until after 3am. I did not get much sleep at all!!!
Going with my backpacker vibe for the weekend I travelled with just a small backpack. That included all my running gear except my shoes which I wore all weekend, of course I was going for a race. It was great strolling out of the airport without waiting at a carousel. I left my good camera at home (relying on my go pro and new phone <---I gave in and got one but still no cell service) so I wasn't leaving valuables alone at a hostel.
I ate way too much on this trip and had way too much sugar..including a Devils concoction called a salted caramel mocha frappachino. It was probably a gazillion calories but I was so hot and thirsty. 
Part of the reason I over ate was because I was sick. Some people lose their appetite when they get sick....oh no not me! I woke up on Saturday with out of control allergies, an outer ear infection and an upset tummy. I went straight to CVS and spent a small fortune on drugs. They perked me up a lot and I stopped feeling so sorry for myself. I went off for the day and explored the natural history museum and the air and space museum....both free. 
A tiny nasa suit....I want a little boy just so I can buy one!!
Randomly I also came across a festival, Fiesta, celebrating Hispanic culture and managed to snap a few cute shots of the kids dressed up.

The next day I went and did my race. I got back to the hostel in time to shower and check out..winning. Some more food later and I headed to the National Zoo, also free. I got off at the Cleveland Park stop as a website conveniently told me the closer stop (Woodley Park) was an up hill walk. After running the half, no hills no thanks. I spent an hour and a half wandering. I mostly skimmed since I didn't have a better camera I didn't spend the hours I normally would have. The sloths were definetely the stand out star of the day. 

A loomnng journey to the airport later and my trip was over but boy was I glad to be home. DC is a great little city packed with tons of stuff to do. What a fun weekend. 


  1. I hope you feel better this week!!!

    I have only been to DC a few times, and for work, so I didn't get to explore like that! I really want to spend time enjoying all the free museums on the mall! There is so much neat stuff there!!!!

    1. Hope so too trying to avoid the doctor.

      Yeah its really nice. The transport system is so good as well it makes it really easy to get about.