Saturday, 26 September 2015

Travel plans

I am so excited!! I go to Miami and then the Florida Keys in a week. This was a wedding gift from my parents. How awesome is that?
I've been dying for a proper break. The last time I took more than a day or two off was last Christmas. I know I have a looooong break ahead of me soon but it'll be nice to do this and have some spending money. We have a ton of stuff planned so let's hope the weather stays good since some of it involves open water boat trips, ekk!
j.R.R Tolkien photo:

I'm also surprised my credit card isn't screaming at me as I booked two sets of flights the other night. One to accompany Martina to Texas at the start of December well also to run RnR San Antonio. As I won't be working I was flexible with my days and got a return flight, SC to Texas, for $200. What a steal.

The second is my flight home the following week. Again by being flexible and wiling to sit in an airport for a lot longer than I'd like, I knocked a few hundred dollars of my ticket price. I can't wait. It's been so long but I'm sure after a day it'll be like I never left. I was sad that I was leaving Martina here alone for our first married Christmas but at least if everything goes well I'll be back for New Years Eve. 

I wonder if I'll be well and truly sick of travelling in January somehow I don't think so!!


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a busy couple of months! That's sad that you will be away from Martina during Christmas, but hopefully you will make it home to bring in the new year! I ran the RnR marathon in San Antonio a few years ago and loved it. San Antonio is a really neat city and the weather was near perfect for the race. Enjoy all of your travels!