Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Training week 1 of September

September has come out of nowhere. I'm enjoying it so far. The students are back in town. As awful as it is for parking etc. it brings a bit of bustle to town. In work it changes things too, everyone gets in early, to teach, and we even get undergraduates in lab. This makes the place feel busier. Even though I'm long past my student days even I get sucked into a little bit of a summer motivational slump. Going away to Boston and then coming back to this has given me a great energy boost in all aspects of life including running.


Body Pump 7am
My second class in 4 days....we are on a roll. I've convinced Martina (she who shuns physical exercise..except knitting)  to go with me and she likes it!! Our honeymoon is in a month so I think the thought of having to wear a bikini is real motivation for both of us.
Todays class was a lot easier than Friday. I really focused on keeping my shoulders in the correct position and it made all the difference, by the time I got to the shoulder track I could do 99% of it and both of my shoulders were equally exhausted. DOMs were also minimal afterwards.

3 miles running @ 9.39 min/mile
The temperatures were bumped back above 90 and humid for this run. My phone is still not no music either :(

4 miles running @9.31 min/mile
I was lured out for an earlier than usual run by the thought of stealing some water from the local running club at my 1.5 mile mark. I reached the bench and no water :( they did have water and watermelon at the park entrance but I slunk off instead of talking to randomers post-run. I tried to stretch but couldn't hold onto anything as I was a sweaty Betty in 95F heat. However, like drinking as long as you aren't the worst in the room its ok. A lot of shirtless guys out today.  I'm just jealous that a) most guys think about running and lose weight and b) tied to that they look good enough to and are able to run without a top. Damn them!

Thursday -rest
Haircut at 7 so no run.

BodyPump @7am
All I can say is my biceps burned. 
3 miles running @ 10.15 min/mile
A quick 3 miles before heading to a friends house for board games (yes we are that cool). Got home late and then a hour and a half of Boomer barking at a strong thunderstorm....just let me sleeeeeep.

3 miles running @10.07 min/miles
No music while running makes me bored so only 3 miles today.

7 miles running @9.44 min/mile
I spent all day sweating. My day started with a couple of hours on the grass. I've realized why it was such a chore last year and why it's been much faster and easier to cut this year...drought. This week we had lots of rain and oh boy was it out of control after one week. I could feel sweat dripping on my legs even wearing light pants.
Then car washing, another sweatfest. Once all the household chores were completed I went out for a run. Due to a weekend of storms the temperatures were sneaking into the 70s as it was getting dark. The humidity was over 90% but it still felt relatively cool. I charged an old iPod classic for some music, I missed using my headphones to change tracks..but it was MUSIC!! 
I felt good through the whole run, no aches or pains. Looking forward to more cool days so I can start to add some miles to a few of my runs, especially the long one.
Martina did a bad thing and fed my addiction by buying a multipack of cans....half of it might be gone. I've been doing good avoiding it but when they are in the fridge.....
In good habit news, I've mostly stuck to my 30 mins of yoga a day. The earlier I do it the more likely it is that it'll happen. I hope everyone is having a great long weekend. What is the one thing/things for you were self control is impossible? For me it's cola and chocolate

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