Friday, 14 August 2015

Week 1 post phone service

I've been watching a lot of the Walking Dead lately and its made me think about surviving without modern life/technology. I love post-apocalyptic books, TV shows and movies, so I do think about this stuff sometimes.  I know I can run from the zombies (they are super slow) but could I live without the internet etc. I've had no cell service for around a week now and I've hardly noticed. My friends already tease me about missing calls and texts because I don't have my phone glued to my hand so to them its been nothing new or unusual.
Using google voice has been easy, I have hangouts open in my gmail acc all day at work and I have an app on my ipad or iphone for at home. Overall I'd give it an A-. I've had one missed call from an unknown number before I set up Martina's phone as a forwarding number, so that's my bad. I've had to make two callbacks because even though I saw the calls come in it's physically slower to pick up the calls through an app i.e I have to unlock my phone then answer the call.

Next week I'll be in Boston for a conference and that'll be a real challenge with needing to call home regularly and maps, oh how I'll miss maps!!

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