Monday, 31 August 2015

Training week

I'm a little behind on my posting and its a bit overwhelming, so just to keep myself accountable, here is a short training recap from last week.

Monday- Flying back from Boston and super sore after the race on Sunday-rest

Tuesday-2 miles at 10.30 min/mile

Wednesday-Swimming 30 minutes at lunch, lost part of my goggles but miraculously found the clear piece of plastic when I stood on it. Lawn mowing for an hour in the evening.

Thursday- 4 miles at 10 min/mile

Friday- Bodypump 1 hour (at last) at 7am and hot yoga class 1 hour 15 at 6pm

Saturday- DOMs to the max- 4 miles at 9.04 min/mile

Sunday- 5.5 miles, washed out of it mid run and for the subsequent 3 miles. I felt like I was in the pool. It was lovely and cooling but it killed my phone :(

This week I've been sleeping a lot, something I didn't do while I was away. This is probably also because I'm back into the swing of Bodypump and feel like I'll be paying for my break for a few weeks. To combat this I've started trying to get in 30 minutes of gentle (<--outside of classes, class=killer hard) yoga a day to recover and get a little flexibility back.

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