Sunday, 2 August 2015

Training this week

A bit tired and sore after my long run so I took a rest day

Tuesday 3 miles 9.52 min/mile
A hot one. Boomer came along with Martina but he felt much more like watching everyone exercise than walking himself.

Wednesday 3 miles running (10.10 min/mile), 30 minute swim
Running started out very slow then got faster with each mile. 

Thursday rest
Return of the dizziness. Not as bad and mostly just in the morning. 

Friday 3.5 miles running (10.12 min/mile) and 1 hour hot yoga
I had friends coming over for drinks so my usual twilight run was not possible. Instead I was a little crazy and went straight from work to running in 97+ degrees, looping around the hilly local neighborhoods until I made my way to the yoga studio. My friend was meeting me for class and she had my bag with my wallet and a badly needed change of clothes. 
Normally I sweat a bit in hot yoga but I was sliding on the mat today....body primed for the heat!! I haven't been to yoga in ages and this was a killer class to come back to. One sequence near the end of class went plank, clean push-up, right plank, clean push up, left plank, clean push-up. Repeat a couple of times and then add in some more complicated moves. 
I came home and had a really fast shower before everyone arrived. Drinks and pizza all around and Cards against Humanity (I am an awful human being). The last stragglers ended up staying the night after I informed them and Martina that it was 4am lol. I had previously been napping having sensibly stopped drinking hours before. What was not sensible was drinking beer not water after sweating so much.  I paid for it the next day as everything hurt, mostly my hamstrings and shoulders. My left shoulder was much sorer than my right so I really need to keep doing my physio excercises. 

Saturday 5 miles running 9.37 min/mile

Boomer needed some rest after Friday night

Maybe it's just ramping back up my miles but in general I've been sorer this week especially around my lower back and hips. My shoes were past the point where they needed to be replaced so I went ahead and got a new pair in snazzy colors. They felt awesome. 5 miles running on clouds. 

Sunday running 8.5 miles 9.44 min/mile
This was probably my best run all week and my best long run in a long time. The run started with temperatures in the 90s and ended with them in the 80s. I felt stronger and stronger as they dropped. I didn't feel the need to bargain with myself for those last couple of miles, in fact I was a little sad to be finished!

Martina got me a go pro for my birthday later on this month and since I won't be home for my birthday I got it early. I took it out on the run, clipped to my water belt. I must have looked like a pack mule but it worked very well. I turned since it was on my hip, snapped a picture and ran fumbling to get my phone out. I have a chest strap too but that might look a bit weird when I'm just randomly out for a jog. 

So that's 23 miles for this week, very close to getting to my base of 25 a week, and two non-running activity sessions. I'm tired but from lack of sleep rather than training so my fitness is getting better. I'm pleased with my progress in the last few weeks. 


  1. That is awesome you got a GoPro! You can get a strap to put in on your visor too, but yeah, it's kind of heavy. You can also have it take pics every few seconds so you don't have to bother with it. They're so fun! Hope you enjoy yours! :)

    1. Yes I'm sure I will. I'm looking forward to playing around with it. Gonna take it to the pool this week :)