Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Summer is really here

Summer is really here for me, that sounds crazy considering SC has had record breaking hot spells this summer. We've even had storms (que the falling trees) but today is the first day that I couldn't plan around summer storms. It's also the first day that I walked out of work to the car and got soaked by rain. The first outing my little yellow umbrella got. That 5pm storm is a South Carolina summer to me.
It continued storming all evening and eventually stopped enough that I went to the park. No run for me as there was lightning all around. I was a bit p@$$ed about that because the storms dropped the temperatures down into the 70s and I was dying to get out to enjoy it. I might love running but I'm not risking my health or safety for it!

On a related note I was devastated (well that might be a tad dramatic) to find out that I might not be able to run much next week. I'm getting a wisdom tooth out on Monday. It's not impacted so it should just be a simple extraction but apparently running increasing blood flow is not so good :( given that a mile run has me feeling like I'm dying some days it'll certainly get the blood flowing. 

So its August, almost the end of summer and I'm only just realizing it now. Between injury and other things I'm heading into fall well rested and excited to run some races. I doubt there will be any all out efforts until winter but still I'm excited. My first race will be August 23rd. That's almost two weeks after I get my tooth out. Loads of time!! I'm probably gonna walk-run this one (really hoping for a slow run throughout) but it's too good of an opportunity to get to run so far into the Northeast. 
Then I'll continue to build from there. Although my training as been patchy, that's been good, it's brought the hunger to do more and be stronger/faster/better back and really without that what's the point.


  1. So sorry to hear about the storms and wisdom tooth. I really enjoy stormy weather, but not when it interferes with my training. It’s definitely smart to stay inside when there is lightning.

    I recommend getting in a good, solid run before getting your wisdom tooth out. I had to get a tooth out a couple years ago and didn’t run for a few days due to the high risk for bleeding. You will want that tooth to clot before exercising again. It will give you a couple days to rest and recover. Your body will probably enjoy the nice break before you race again in a couple weeks! :)

    Good luck with everything!

  2. We've had some crazy storms this week but the heat brings them. The tooth is the last thing on my dentist list so while I'm not looking forward to it, Ill certainly be glad to have it over with. I'm at a conference a few days afterwards so I won't have much time to run anyhow. I'm just hoping I won't be in to much pain, otherwise my poster presentation might be a bit wacky.