Thursday, 6 August 2015

No more cell phone..well for now

I'm really cheap about some things and spending $50 to make maybe 10 minutes of phone calls a month kills me. With the impending doom of joblessness, Martina and I have decided to set a loose budget to help trim some expenses for the next few months so post job, if that happens, won't be a huge shock.
 Regardless of job status I've pondered getting rid of my cell phone service. Maybe 3-4 people call me on a monthly basis, mainly my Mom. I mostly text and I'm in a wifi zone for 95% of the day. I thought about getting a Skype number to let me receive calls and although substantially cheaper than full cell service it's still a subscription. In the end I'm going to try out Google voice which I can use through hangouts. I'm mid porting my current number to google voice and I'll use Martina's as a back up phone to forward calls to. So I won't even need to change my number. One thing I was worried about was safety. I carry my phone everytime I run but it turns out if I'm in a situation bad enough to need to call an ambulance or cops all cell carriers will let you make emergency calls even if you don't subscribe to them. Most other scenarios I can walk or drive myself to a wifi spot. I'm very nervous about it but excited to see how it works out. 
Some other changes I'm not so excited about..we've agreed to not buy coffees or snacks in work, no eating out and no sneaking wine/beer in with the groceries. 

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