Sunday, 5 July 2015

Training week

This week I've been mixing in running with swimming.  Its still hot as hell here, we are in a "cold" front right now but the drop from 100+ highs to a couple of days in the high 80s low 90s is still appreciated while running.

Too lazy and busy to do anything today

3 miles and my first run in almost two weeks. It was hard but the first one back is always the worst. My back was a little sore after but I think I was just paying more attention to it. 

30 min swim outdoors, brought a buddy but I think I prefer to go by myself (sorry). She's is a way faster swimmer than I am and of course I get competitive. In contrast, lately swimming by myself has been my me time and very relaxing!

30 minute swim outdoors

A rest day and a day off from work. Scrubbed my kitchen clean but somehow it still looks a mess, cleaning, I'm doing it wrong. 

The last few year we've usually celebrated the 4th but this year we had no plans so we snuck to the mall while everyone else was at the grill. Got a nice new watch and some shoes and accessories to go with the dress I got last week. 
3 miles running in the evening. They went slow, fast, slow. The fast one was sub-9 minute mile pace. I need to remind myself that I can run sub 10 never mind sub 9 in this weather. It's way harder but possible.
Martina came and walked Boomer. Unfortunately, the fireworks started early and he had a freak out in the park. He tried to climb in her bag...believe me he was never going to fit. As a result I finished my run before they got back to the car and spent 15 minutes trying to call them, worrying about the possibility of kidnapping. Eventually we got back in touch so I ran some stairs for 10 minutes to burn off some adrenaline.

5 miles, it felt more like 10 but it was great to run two days in a row. Half way and a bathroom break later I came out to rain and a pretty rainbow.

Feeling better and better. This week more running and maybe a Body Pump class!


  1. I hope your back is doing well after your runs this week!

    I feel so bad for the animals scared by fireworks. Especially since people seem to want to light them up in neighborhoods. There seems to be no escaping it if you live in a city area!

    1. Yep its holding up so far :) The fireworks were everywhere. A bit weird for me as they are illegal (unless part of a professional show) in Ireland. Sucked watching him be so upset, I wish he understood English so I could tell him it was ok, poor baby!!

  2. I am the same way when it comes to swimming - I prefer swimming alone in my own lane. When I am with other people I concentrate too much on what they are doing instead of just enjoying the swim. That's great that you are mixing up your training with some pool time. I went for a 1400yd swim today and was exhausted after.

    I know what you mean about running feeling "hard" after taking some time off. You'll get back into the swing of things in no time.