Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Training this week

A good week I'm starting to feel like I'm getting used to the heat. I think another week or two and I'll be able to push the pace a bit more. I'm really happy that I didn't lose too much fitness with my time off.

Monday 3 miles of running 9.18 min/mile
Ran at the but good run. 1 fastish mile (8.58).

Tuesday 2.5 miles running 10.57 min/mile
2.5 miles running. Hottest, most humid day yet. Heat index of 100 when I was starting to run. Ran hill repeats really SLOWLY. Ready for the mountainous desert course any day now.
Wednesday 3 miles running  10.26 min/mile & swimming
Boomer has a nasty skin infection, I'm such a bad momma, I put off getting the vet to check it out for a while thinking it was allergies but yes it was an infection..10 days of antibiotics. She puts it down to the weather as its so hot and humid..even the animals can't handle it!!
Lunchtime swim for 30 minutes. A few laps and my neck is crackable again. I know everyone says its bad for you but it feels great to me and when I can't do it I know it's time to loosen up my neck and back.
3 mile run at twilight. Slow again but on a hillier path. I could feel the temperature rise everytime the path dropped a into a hollow...crazy. 

Rest day


Saturday 4 miles running 9.27 min/mile
Not feeling awesome but not awful either. Got 4 miles in and they felt surprisingly good, I had half a mile where I was running really fast and gliding felt wonderful. I wonder if that's how really good runners feel all the time :) 

Sunday 7.5 miles running 10.20 min/mile
Our calamities continued by being woke up at 5am by a giant whoosh noise. A giant branch of a tree at the front of the house had fell. Luckily it missed the house and car. Our landlord came and cut it up and I helped him haul it to the collection point and lift the bigger pieces onto his truck so I ended up getting a strength workout in after all. 

I didn't feel so great after so I ended up sleeping for 3 hours and then ate a very late dinner followed by an even later run. The run went well except for some stomach cramps which is pretty normal for me in the heat. Seems my lungs and muscles are coping better with the heat but my digestive system is not with the program yet. I thought I'd missed out on my extra day of running this week but it just turns out I can't count :) So I ended up breaking 20 miles this week, I'll continue to inch that up in the next few weeks. 

I read a runners world article (I think) that talked about the 10% rule for increasing mileage and how it now looks like that isn't nessicarily a hard and fast rule. That if you know how much you can handle as a base that you can increase pretty quickly to that point but then much slower than 10% per week after that point. For me I think that is around 25 miles a week. So I wanna get there and probably stay there for a while. Running much more than 8-9 miles as a long run in 90+ degree weather doesn't suit me so much so that seems like a nice balance and I'll ramp the miles up when it cools of a little.

How do you increase mileage after a break?


  1. Oh my gosh, that branch! You can't catch a break! Geesh! I am happy it didn't hit anything.

    The 10% rule is kind of strict, right? Like, it would make you increase SO slowy, as you start! I agree to go with what you know your body can handle. I haven't had to come back from a break in awhile, but when I had three stress fractures in June of 2010, I came back by almost doubling my mileage each day!

    1. yeah i guess this guy was saying it was completely wrong. I can understand 10% for beginners because there are a lot of adaptions that have to take place to adjust to the cardio and the pounding on pavement; 10% a week would be a big leap there but if you have been a regular runner its just frustrating. I'm def not sticking to that... BUT you thats so bad, ha ha, no holding you back at all is there!!