Sunday, 19 July 2015

Training this week

I'm afraid I've been ignoring this chart all week. This has been what I'd consider my first real week back to running. Now that everything is healed and I'm not worrying about weddings etc it's time to get back to training as I'm well on my way to becoming the new Michelin man. Every run except my long run was at 90+ degrees and surprisingly they went well.

Monday 3 miles
Tuesday rest
Wednesday 3 miles after dark. This was probably my best run.
Thursday rest 
Friday 4 miles with a fast mile and a half thrown in...a semi-tempo run.
Saturday rest
Sunday 7 miles in the morning, felt surprisingly good. The temperatures were fine until the last mile when I had no shade, then I just had to slow it right down. 
Very sweaty post run selfie

I've not made it to BodyPump, mostly because I've broken my habit of stumbling out of bed early. Next week I'll try again. Also planning to add in another day of running to slowly work my way back to 20+ mile weeks. 
I need to build a little momentum to get the ball rolling and I'll be back to full speed. My month or so off has broken some good habits but it's been really good for me. I'm fully healed and really enjoying running once I get out the door. Any one else suffer from sporadic motivation woes? 


  1. Woo hoo! I am so happy to hear you are HEALED! Do you think you'll keep up your pool habit? :)

    1. Yes for sure just a case of fitting it all in!!!