Monday, 27 July 2015

Half marathon wish list

I'm am a medal addict. I don't understand why but I am. Show me a half marathon with a good medal and I'm there in a flash. I've accepted my problem. It might force me to spend more money than I'd like but it motivates me to train year round and is probably cheaper in the long term than healthcare, plus it's an excuse to travel. 
Unfortunately, this also coincides with my long term goal of running a marathon or half in all 50 states + DC. Thanks to driving horrifically long distances and a couple of work trips I've made good progress in my goal but it's becoming more difficult. Scheluding is even harder when I'm lusting (the only word for it) after particular medals. 
Right now I've run a marathon and/or half in 9 states. 
Right now I'm signed up for a few out of state races:
My next one is at the end of a work trip in August. I'm staying on an extra few days to see some Irish friends and then I run an inaugural race in MA. 

In September thanks to some really cheap flights I'm going to run the Navy-Airforce Half in DC.

 In December Martina is going to San Antonio TX for a conference and what do you know RnR San Antonio is on the weekend before the conference. 

At the beginning of 2016, despite not knowing what the job situation is I've signed up for the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon.....the medal made me do it. 
Past that I've stopped myself, cold turkey. If I know I have a job I'll go ahead and sign up for a few more trips focusing on new states in the south or east. Even then I doubt I'll get to do many of these but here are some of my favorites:
Little Rock, Arkanas  in March..possibly the only race that could convince me to do another full marathon. While the half medals are large the full ones are the size of dinner plates. It might be excessive but it sure would look good on my medal rack.
Lincoln Presidental Half, Sprinfeild IL Apr. It's a giant penny how frickin cool is that. It shall be my lucky penny..who said 'more money more problems'. Not with this bad boy around.
Flying Pig Half in Cincinnati, Ohio May. It's a flying pig...need I say more.
Shipyard Old Port, Maine in July. There aren't too many races in the south in July so why not head North.

If like me you find these oddly shaped pieces of metal strangely appealing and the Pokemon song plays in your mind (gotta catch em all) you too have a problem...muhaha. If you have a medal you HAVE to have comment with a picture. If it fills a gap in my map of the Eastern States maybe you'll see me there :)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dizzy days

It's been a crazy couple of days. It all started on Thursday night when Martina's newly stitchless arm decided to burst open and leave a quarter sized hole in her arm, which I patched up with a combo of butterfly paper stitches and tape, very well might I add. Maybe they'll let me trade in my Ph.D for an M.D. No? boo!!
That night I woke up around 2am and started thinking about work-experiments etc. and of course couldn't get back to sleep. Suddenly everytime I moved and sometimes when I didn't the world felt like it fractured and moved for a while before it righted itself. Stupid vertigo. My night continued like that until around six when I slept for an hour. I stayed at home on Friday as a result and tried to stay in bed and rest. 
Then it rained and water started to drip from the fan/light in the bedroom and I had to ring my landlord and run around (very unsteadily) to tidy up for when they came to look at the problem. They haven't yet but the house is clean win some, lose some.
All my plans for an extra days running this week are gone and my body pump class too since my options were Wed/Fri and I'd already swam and ran on Wednesday. I still feel a little sick today but not dizzy so I'm gonna try get my run in for today. Do you ever feel like something is working against you? Rather than be annoyed it's just easier to go with the flow and appreciate the good food, ha ha I might have a bug but this girl had no problem with a delicous brunch today!! Anyways let's hope that's it for my bad luck this week. Anyone know a good roofer lol?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Training this week

A good week I'm starting to feel like I'm getting used to the heat. I think another week or two and I'll be able to push the pace a bit more. I'm really happy that I didn't lose too much fitness with my time off.

Monday 3 miles of running 9.18 min/mile
Ran at the but good run. 1 fastish mile (8.58).

Tuesday 2.5 miles running 10.57 min/mile
2.5 miles running. Hottest, most humid day yet. Heat index of 100 when I was starting to run. Ran hill repeats really SLOWLY. Ready for the mountainous desert course any day now.
Wednesday 3 miles running  10.26 min/mile & swimming
Boomer has a nasty skin infection, I'm such a bad momma, I put off getting the vet to check it out for a while thinking it was allergies but yes it was an infection..10 days of antibiotics. She puts it down to the weather as its so hot and humid..even the animals can't handle it!!
Lunchtime swim for 30 minutes. A few laps and my neck is crackable again. I know everyone says its bad for you but it feels great to me and when I can't do it I know it's time to loosen up my neck and back.
3 mile run at twilight. Slow again but on a hillier path. I could feel the temperature rise everytime the path dropped a into a hollow...crazy. 

Rest day


Saturday 4 miles running 9.27 min/mile
Not feeling awesome but not awful either. Got 4 miles in and they felt surprisingly good, I had half a mile where I was running really fast and gliding felt wonderful. I wonder if that's how really good runners feel all the time :) 

Sunday 7.5 miles running 10.20 min/mile
Our calamities continued by being woke up at 5am by a giant whoosh noise. A giant branch of a tree at the front of the house had fell. Luckily it missed the house and car. Our landlord came and cut it up and I helped him haul it to the collection point and lift the bigger pieces onto his truck so I ended up getting a strength workout in after all. 

I didn't feel so great after so I ended up sleeping for 3 hours and then ate a very late dinner followed by an even later run. The run went well except for some stomach cramps which is pretty normal for me in the heat. Seems my lungs and muscles are coping better with the heat but my digestive system is not with the program yet. I thought I'd missed out on my extra day of running this week but it just turns out I can't count :) So I ended up breaking 20 miles this week, I'll continue to inch that up in the next few weeks. 

I read a runners world article (I think) that talked about the 10% rule for increasing mileage and how it now looks like that isn't nessicarily a hard and fast rule. That if you know how much you can handle as a base that you can increase pretty quickly to that point but then much slower than 10% per week after that point. For me I think that is around 25 miles a week. So I wanna get there and probably stay there for a while. Running much more than 8-9 miles as a long run in 90+ degree weather doesn't suit me so much so that seems like a nice balance and I'll ramp the miles up when it cools of a little.

How do you increase mileage after a break?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Training this week

I'm afraid I've been ignoring this chart all week. This has been what I'd consider my first real week back to running. Now that everything is healed and I'm not worrying about weddings etc it's time to get back to training as I'm well on my way to becoming the new Michelin man. Every run except my long run was at 90+ degrees and surprisingly they went well.

Monday 3 miles
Tuesday rest
Wednesday 3 miles after dark. This was probably my best run.
Thursday rest 
Friday 4 miles with a fast mile and a half thrown in...a semi-tempo run.
Saturday rest
Sunday 7 miles in the morning, felt surprisingly good. The temperatures were fine until the last mile when I had no shade, then I just had to slow it right down. 
Very sweaty post run selfie

I've not made it to BodyPump, mostly because I've broken my habit of stumbling out of bed early. Next week I'll try again. Also planning to add in another day of running to slowly work my way back to 20+ mile weeks. 
I need to build a little momentum to get the ball rolling and I'll be back to full speed. My month or so off has broken some good habits but it's been really good for me. I'm fully healed and really enjoying running once I get out the door. Any one else suffer from sporadic motivation woes? 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Bull Island, Charleston SC

So I got married on Friday and what better way to spent your first day of married life but the way you intend to spend the rest of it...adventuring. We took a 40 minute boat trip on Saturday to Bull Island in South Carolina. The boat trip both ways was accompanied by a biology talk by a nice guy from Coastal Expeditions.  It was so hot but gorgeous. We saw so much wildlife; bugs, alligators, fish, horseshoe crabs and even a turtle nest! Here are a few photos to enjoy while I float back to normal life  :)

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Training week

This week I've been mixing in running with swimming.  Its still hot as hell here, we are in a "cold" front right now but the drop from 100+ highs to a couple of days in the high 80s low 90s is still appreciated while running.

Too lazy and busy to do anything today

3 miles and my first run in almost two weeks. It was hard but the first one back is always the worst. My back was a little sore after but I think I was just paying more attention to it. 

30 min swim outdoors, brought a buddy but I think I prefer to go by myself (sorry). She's is a way faster swimmer than I am and of course I get competitive. In contrast, lately swimming by myself has been my me time and very relaxing!

30 minute swim outdoors

A rest day and a day off from work. Scrubbed my kitchen clean but somehow it still looks a mess, cleaning, I'm doing it wrong. 

The last few year we've usually celebrated the 4th but this year we had no plans so we snuck to the mall while everyone else was at the grill. Got a nice new watch and some shoes and accessories to go with the dress I got last week. 
3 miles running in the evening. They went slow, fast, slow. The fast one was sub-9 minute mile pace. I need to remind myself that I can run sub 10 never mind sub 9 in this weather. It's way harder but possible.
Martina came and walked Boomer. Unfortunately, the fireworks started early and he had a freak out in the park. He tried to climb in her bag...believe me he was never going to fit. As a result I finished my run before they got back to the car and spent 15 minutes trying to call them, worrying about the possibility of kidnapping. Eventually we got back in touch so I ran some stairs for 10 minutes to burn off some adrenaline.

5 miles, it felt more like 10 but it was great to run two days in a row. Half way and a bathroom break later I came out to rain and a pretty rainbow.

Feeling better and better. This week more running and maybe a Body Pump class!