Monday, 1 June 2015

Good shoulder news

I'm so happy! I went to the physiotherapist. I have a trapped nerve due to a lack of flexibility(?) in my upper spine.  A lot of it coming from my posture at my desk, sleeping and even during exercise. No tears in any of my muscles. I now have a ton of mobility and strength exercises to do and need to seriously be aware of my posture until everything approves. The good news is that the physio encourage me to run and lift..just to watch my posture while I do it. Woohoo! Best of all if the exercises improve it I don't have to go back and he didn't charge me for the consult...I seriously owe the man a beer.


  1. Yay! That's awesome he could help! So you just have to be really careful with movement... it doesn't require any manipulation to the nerve area?

    1. He manipulated it when I was there for the consultation....a full PT session for free. He 'cracked' my back and then did some stuff with my shoulder joint. It already feels a lot better. The way he explained it was there was very little give in my upper spine so when I lifted that arm to the front or above (or even extension with running) the space that should have been created for the nerve wasn't. I have to roll my back and do a lot of exercises but I think he wants me to run etc because its something thats caused by being at my desk 80% of the time and bad posture, so the more movement the better as long as I work on limbering up the area consistently. It'll take a while for me to strengthen that shoulder back up but 90% of the pain is gone :)