Saturday, 27 June 2015

Food Planning

I've always noticed I've done better maintaining or losing weight when I've been more prepared with buying and prepping food. For someone who worked in a kitchen prepping food for years and actually likes to cook I'm not so good at this. I get stuck in a rut. I cannot wait when I am hungry or I get angry. I end up cooking the same easy fast meals, if you can call them that, all the time. Cereal for dinner is not a meal! A pint of ice-cream is not a meal!
I'm currently going lighter on the exercise, to have a break and also to let my back heal properly before jumping back into working out. I always find it easier to lose weight when not exercising so much because I'm not hungry all the time. On the other hand not exercising also means I can't eat as much as I'm used to, so time to really watch what I eat!
Technology to the rescue. Instead of old pen and paper planning I decided to go with an app. I always lose my paper plans and shopping lists. I got Pepper Plate (free) which lets me import receipes, plan meals and make a shopping list on line or on my iPad.

I've had fun finding new things to try out. I'm trying to be realistic in my receipe selections. Would I eat it? Is it lowish calories? Is it made from real unprocessed foods? How much will all this stuff cost? Is there enough protein in it? Even with my selection process I've ended up scratching my head at some of the ingredients...liquid smoke (how is that even possible or non-toxic?).
I like that I can use the iPad as my cookbook when I'm cooking, it's not just a glorified social media source. 
Last night I made some crunchy zucchini with chickpeas and other good stuff. It was fun to make something new and nice to remember that I actually like to cook. So far so good. 
This weekend I'm going to work on preparing some meals or at least the longer parts (like baking a potato) and continue to try new recipes. If anyone has any good, simple vegetarian/vegan recipes feel free to share!!

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