Sunday, 21 June 2015

Another week of lost training

I've had a very bad run of luck lately. After driving home all day on Sunday from WV last weekend, my back decided it had enough. My shoulders were fine but I seem to have compressed a different nerve in my lower back. Monday and Tuesday were agony. I was maxing out the amount of ibuprofen I could take with little effect. Then day by day it's been getting better. Yesterday was my first day with without any pain relief and today I managed to mow the garden. My right hip and lower back is still very tight but it doesn't feel like I'm being stabbed anymore. 
I don't think I'm ready for a run or weight lifting tomorrow so I'm gonna go swim and maybe it'll loosen it up a bit more. A soon as I'm ready guess what I'm gonna work on back!
In a funny coincidence Martina has back pain too. She got a mole removed from her back and now has six stitches. As I've gotten better I've tried to do as much as I can around the house and I'm now officially the nurse of the house. It's been a funny week here with us both hobbling around lol.
I'm really happy to be feeling better, back pain is no joke. One thing I'm not sad about is not being out running in the heat. We are having a record breaking June here in SC. The highs most days this week are hovering around 100 and the lows in the high 70s. Crazy, right? 
I'm a little worried about running in that heat when I'm back to 100%. How on earth did I marathon train all of/part of the last two summers! If I was that hardcore once I can do it again. 
I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their weekend :)

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