Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Well here we go

I had a fairly good week of running last week until the weekend came around and I went to do my long run. My legs felt great but my shoulder not so much. It was all I could focus on so 5 miles later I called it quits.
Ibuprofen, ice, not running or lifting this week (last week too for lifting)..even a rolled up towel under my neck when I sleep has not gotten rid of the constant nagging tightness and weirdness in my shoulder.
I got so mad about it. I've solved almost 3 years of ITB problems only to end up with another nagging injury. I finally felt like with weight lifting I was starting to make the changes to my fitness and body that I'd hoped running would only to be stopped in my tracks. In my moment of rage I finally took the plunge. I have a PT consult Monday at 8am. Lets hope this guy has some serious magic hands.


  1. I'm happy to hear you're seeing a PT! I hope he can help!

    1. Thanks Kim! I want to be at 100% so time to get more proactive.