Sunday, 10 May 2015

Training Week May 4th

Easing my miles back up closer to where they should be for the week after a few weeks of sporadic training. Unfortunately BodyPump was only available once, when I could go, as it was exam week and the fitness schelude was messed up. However, I got a group pass for $10 until the end of summer. Next week onwards the class are available at 7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I might give that a go and see how I feel with 3 days a week. The weather has definitely been heating up more and more so I think the next few weeks will be an even greater adjustment. Since classes will take up 3 mornings a week, and there is only so early I'm willing to get up, I'm in for some serious heat training!

Bodypump 7am and running 3 miles

Tuesday rest and massage
No IT band work this time. I've been busy in work and didn't get to pop home to pick up shorts for the it band stuff but the last few times I've gotten the myofasial release its irritated that area. Considering I don't seem to need the release anymore I was glad I got more time for my shoulders.

Running 6.5 miles
Ran from my house with the aim of making it to Wholefoods and back for a 4 mile run. Well wholefoods is a lot further away than I remembered but I preserved and really enjoyed a nice hilly longish run.

Thursday rest

Yoga 6pm 
A much needed yoga class. My back and shoulders have been annoying me lately the class helped free them up.
Running 2.5 miles
Ran home from yoga. I like using running as a way to get about when I can. I've frequently walked places and thought this is so slow I wish I could run.

Run to the PBR half marathon. A hot challenging but statisfying run in Augusta.
Sunday Rest
Being out in the heat all afternoon Saturday wore me out but I still managed 25 miles this week. I do like the idea of a longer mid week run if it means I get an extra day off once in a while plus it makes sense to run more than 4-5 miles more than once a week.

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