Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Training week May 11th

Body Pump 7am
A good class.
Severe thunderstorms stopped my Monday evening run, instead I watched Desert Runners again, on Netflix. For a few hours it made me want to run an ultra or even do a desert race...then I gave myself a reality check ha, ha. I don't want to train for a marathon right now never mind an ultra and Saturday was desert like enough for me.

Running 4 miles 9.58 min/mile
I don't know if it's the few weeks of low miles but I'm really enjoying running a lot the last two weeks. I've found myself wanting to do more as I get going...rather than fighting myself to stick to plan! Saw another snake, a baby this time. Not surprised to see it as it was a bumper hot day, high of >90F. Slow and steady is the way until I acclimatise to the heat and humidity again.

Body Pump 7am
A very bleary eyed start to the day. I'm not even sure I should be allowed drive before I have a coffee. Enjoyed class. Sat out the shoulder track. I wasn't the only one....could I have a gimpy shouldered buddy in class??
Running 4 miles 9.42 min/mile
I left my run until it was really late, I knew I wouldn't get all the miles I wanted in if I ran on the roads. Despite not having any plans for speed work I went to the track so I wouldn't be run over if it got dark. I ran a few laps of the track and then realized that there was a whole park that I'd never explored. So I ran a loop around all the soccer fields to add on a track free mile mid-run. A few more laps on the track, watching a plane practice sky writing, and I was done. The run started out when the temperatures were in the 80s so the 70s temps when I was finishing felt awesome. I felt really good, not so tired and more motivated...I'm on a roll this week.

Rest and Lawn Mowing
Fell asleep on the sofa and missed my usual Game of Thrones watching session and then couldn't sleep all night. Silly me!!

Running 5.5 miles 9.43 min/mile
Ran from home and included a bit of riverside running to get some water. I managed somehow to add an extra half a mile, winning!! It's really fun to see people out at the river, walking or fishing, at eight in the evening. Gotta love summer. Took this run really easy as again it was >80F at the start. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying the runs more..more time to look around.

Running 5.5 miles
Very hot and humid miles. I ran an extra half a mile out and back just to get a drink. Ordered some Saltstick caps to try deal with my salty sweating looking forward to trying those out. It sounded like I was in the jungle as I think its frog/toad mating season and they are going wild.

I slept in by accident, then my day was consumed by IKEA. Coming home at 5pm it was still well over ninety degrees so I resigned myself to running after dark and had fun transforming my room (well my bed, the room is still a WIP).

 I dressed to run, went outside at 8.30pm and just thought 'oh hell no'....still super hot and humid! I can enjoy the heat on a short run but the thought of slogging through a long run in that in the dark turned me right around. Sorry if you were looking for a good example he, he, but I'm coming into my off season for running one more half in three weeks then possibly nothing til August/September!!


  1. Dang, summer is THERE! And you are kicking butt! It's so great to read that you are loving your runs! :)

    I wonder if that Desert Runners movie is like Running the Sahara. I will have to check it out!

    1. Yeah, its been hot for a while but the humidity has really kicked in in the last week. I'm finding that harder than the heat but I've adjusted the last two summers...thank god I've not got any marathon training this summer tho :)
      The desert runners is following a group trying to run an ultra in 4 deserts (on 4 different continents) in one year. I think you'd like it Miss Ultra Runner :)

  2. Love your room transformation!! And your dog is ultra-cute. I love that you put lawn mowing on the weekly update. It's a workout for sure!

    1. Thanks Jan. Yes its definitely a workout especially in this heat so I consider it cross-training, ha ha!! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Love your room transformation!! And your dog is ultra-cute. I love that you put lawn mowing on the weekly update. It's a workout for sure!