Monday, 4 May 2015

Last week of April Training

Body Pump 7am
My first day back after a week off. I felt a bit sluggish but it was good to get back to it.
Running 3 miles 8.30 min/mile
It felt awesome running after a whole week. Boomer came too and its the first time in a while that I think he really enjoyed it too. (Gross but he had worms for a little while and it was sapping all his energy, as soon as the medicine got to work he was a little running machine again)
Running 5 miles 9.32 min/mile
Ran on the other side of the river. Its a bit hillier but I  enjoyed the shade.
Body Pump 1pm
Running 3 miles 8.10 min/mile
I went to the track in the evening. I love the track. I guess its such a novelty. When I ran athletics as a kid (sprinter for a time believe it or not) it was on a grass football pitch in my bare feet. I ran 3 miles with 3 half mile repeats thrown in for fun (7.25, 7.31, 7.08 min/mile).

Thursday Rest
Up to date with Game of Thrones....not sure how I'm liking the deviation from the books but we'll see how it plays out.

Friday Rest

Painting my bedroom all day...very relieved to be rid of that horrible beige color. The creamy-yellow (landlord approved) might not be my ultimate choice but at least its nice and bright. Got finished around 11.30 and promptly fell asleep in another room.
Running 5 miles 9.32 min/mile
5 miles almost in the dark. I'd spent pretty much all day outside, first the farmers market, then cutting the grass and then 2.5 hours at the hottest baseball game ever. I was dehydrated, badly sunburnt (despite lashings of sunscreen) and just not feeling it on the run. I was debating doing my planned 9 miles or just cutting it short when I saw the head and part of the body of the biggest snake I've ever seen. That made up my mind...I was too freaked out to run much further in the dark, with the way I react to bug bites I can't imagine what a bite from a cottonmouth would do ha ha!

I signed up for a half next weekend about an hour from home. The fact that it was in the afternoon was such a novelty...after Sunday I'm wondering what I was thinking...I'm gonna bath in sunscreen and definitely take my water belt and fill it to the brim with gatorade.


  1. I am happy Boomer is feeling better!

    What, no snake pics?! LOL :)

    I hope you get unusually cool weather for your middle of the day half! :)

    1. No snake pictures, it was too dark but also I hauled ass away from it he, he!! I hope so too ...I'm totally screwed.