Friday, 29 May 2015

Where did all this time come from? and a closet clean out.

This is the first time in a long while that I've taken a week completely off from working out...that wasn't forced by being incredibly busy with other things or marathon recovery (when you are pretty much dead on your feet anyhow).

I don't know what to do with myself ha, ha. This week I've been much more proactive around the house. Even gathering two big bags of clothes to be donated. For someone thinks they have no clothes isn't that crazy. I got rid of anything that I pass over on a day to day basis i.e. clothes I should be able to wear right now but don't.
At first I panicked and had images in my head of wearing the same outfit every single day or just having to go naked. The funny thing about it is I've began to notice more stuff in my closet that I do like to wear. I even got rid of one or two race shirts that I never really liked, gasp!!! I'm now working my way around the rest of the house decluttering.

I've also had time to read a few books. One called the Magic of Tidying - written by a lady who comes across as slightly crazy at times but was my cleaning inspiration. Another called Quiet- about introverted people, which I'm pretty sure I can now classify myself as. It was very interesting.

One trend I've noticed (and don't really like) is without running I have not ventured outside once during the work week! Its so hot right now that its too easy to just stay inside in the AC. Next week I'll try drag myself out of bed while its still cool and bring the dog and my camera out for a walk.

In good news, my shoulder while not better feels like its calming down a little. I haven't taken any Ibuprofen in a couple of days. With that I've also been sleeping better so I'm not so grumpy :) I'm looking forward to seeing what the physiotherapist says (I predict a pinched nerve and/or rotator cuff tendonitis). I'm hoping he can help with figuring out what exercise I can do next week otherwise I'll be glued to the couch.

A nice restful week of regrouping here. I'll update on Monday when I know what the deal is with my shoulder. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Well here we go

I had a fairly good week of running last week until the weekend came around and I went to do my long run. My legs felt great but my shoulder not so much. It was all I could focus on so 5 miles later I called it quits.
Ibuprofen, ice, not running or lifting this week (last week too for lifting)..even a rolled up towel under my neck when I sleep has not gotten rid of the constant nagging tightness and weirdness in my shoulder.
I got so mad about it. I've solved almost 3 years of ITB problems only to end up with another nagging injury. I finally felt like with weight lifting I was starting to make the changes to my fitness and body that I'd hoped running would only to be stopped in my tracks. In my moment of rage I finally took the plunge. I have a PT consult Monday at 8am. Lets hope this guy has some serious magic hands.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Training week May 11th

Body Pump 7am
A good class.
Severe thunderstorms stopped my Monday evening run, instead I watched Desert Runners again, on Netflix. For a few hours it made me want to run an ultra or even do a desert race...then I gave myself a reality check ha, ha. I don't want to train for a marathon right now never mind an ultra and Saturday was desert like enough for me.

Running 4 miles 9.58 min/mile
I don't know if it's the few weeks of low miles but I'm really enjoying running a lot the last two weeks. I've found myself wanting to do more as I get going...rather than fighting myself to stick to plan! Saw another snake, a baby this time. Not surprised to see it as it was a bumper hot day, high of >90F. Slow and steady is the way until I acclimatise to the heat and humidity again.

Body Pump 7am
A very bleary eyed start to the day. I'm not even sure I should be allowed drive before I have a coffee. Enjoyed class. Sat out the shoulder track. I wasn't the only one....could I have a gimpy shouldered buddy in class??
Running 4 miles 9.42 min/mile
I left my run until it was really late, I knew I wouldn't get all the miles I wanted in if I ran on the roads. Despite not having any plans for speed work I went to the track so I wouldn't be run over if it got dark. I ran a few laps of the track and then realized that there was a whole park that I'd never explored. So I ran a loop around all the soccer fields to add on a track free mile mid-run. A few more laps on the track, watching a plane practice sky writing, and I was done. The run started out when the temperatures were in the 80s so the 70s temps when I was finishing felt awesome. I felt really good, not so tired and more motivated...I'm on a roll this week.

Rest and Lawn Mowing
Fell asleep on the sofa and missed my usual Game of Thrones watching session and then couldn't sleep all night. Silly me!!

Running 5.5 miles 9.43 min/mile
Ran from home and included a bit of riverside running to get some water. I managed somehow to add an extra half a mile, winning!! It's really fun to see people out at the river, walking or fishing, at eight in the evening. Gotta love summer. Took this run really easy as again it was >80F at the start. Maybe that's why I'm enjoying the runs more..more time to look around.

Running 5.5 miles
Very hot and humid miles. I ran an extra half a mile out and back just to get a drink. Ordered some Saltstick caps to try deal with my salty sweating looking forward to trying those out. It sounded like I was in the jungle as I think its frog/toad mating season and they are going wild.

I slept in by accident, then my day was consumed by IKEA. Coming home at 5pm it was still well over ninety degrees so I resigned myself to running after dark and had fun transforming my room (well my bed, the room is still a WIP).

 I dressed to run, went outside at 8.30pm and just thought 'oh hell no'....still super hot and humid! I can enjoy the heat on a short run but the thought of slogging through a long run in that in the dark turned me right around. Sorry if you were looking for a good example he, he, but I'm coming into my off season for running one more half in three weeks then possibly nothing til August/September!!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Training Week May 4th

Easing my miles back up closer to where they should be for the week after a few weeks of sporadic training. Unfortunately BodyPump was only available once, when I could go, as it was exam week and the fitness schelude was messed up. However, I got a group pass for $10 until the end of summer. Next week onwards the class are available at 7am Monday, Wednesday and Friday so I might give that a go and see how I feel with 3 days a week. The weather has definitely been heating up more and more so I think the next few weeks will be an even greater adjustment. Since classes will take up 3 mornings a week, and there is only so early I'm willing to get up, I'm in for some serious heat training!

Bodypump 7am and running 3 miles

Tuesday rest and massage
No IT band work this time. I've been busy in work and didn't get to pop home to pick up shorts for the it band stuff but the last few times I've gotten the myofasial release its irritated that area. Considering I don't seem to need the release anymore I was glad I got more time for my shoulders.

Running 6.5 miles
Ran from my house with the aim of making it to Wholefoods and back for a 4 mile run. Well wholefoods is a lot further away than I remembered but I preserved and really enjoyed a nice hilly longish run.

Thursday rest

Yoga 6pm 
A much needed yoga class. My back and shoulders have been annoying me lately the class helped free them up.
Running 2.5 miles
Ran home from yoga. I like using running as a way to get about when I can. I've frequently walked places and thought this is so slow I wish I could run.

Run to the PBR half marathon. A hot challenging but statisfying run in Augusta.
Sunday Rest
Being out in the heat all afternoon Saturday wore me out but I still managed 25 miles this week. I do like the idea of a longer mid week run if it means I get an extra day off once in a while plus it makes sense to run more than 4-5 miles more than once a week.

Run to the PBR, Augusta GA

Run to the PBR is a tiny race along Lake Olmstead and the canal in Augusta GA. It's unique in that it starts at 2pm in the afternoon. At this time of year in the South this could mean any sort of weather. This year it was hot..82F at the start. Around a100 brave souls decided to run anyhow.

The 2pm start let me avoid the usual 4am alarm clock and enjoy a leisurely hour and twenty minute drive to Augusta. I did race day packet pickup at the race start which we found after a bit of anxious searching for something that looked like it should be a race site. We pulled into a field beside a run down sports complex after seeing a tent and tables.
 I got my bib and tshirt from the race director himself and drove back towards some stores in search of drinks. Dollar General didn't let me down and I emerged with a liter of powerade and water for the dog. 

We went back to the start and parked under some trees and I proceeded to annihilate the bottle of powerade while hanging around waiting for the start. I was well hydrated by the start so much so that I was opening the door of the single porta potty as the race director said go!!
The first mile was on paved trails and I was entertained by a gorgeous collie who was running the race off leash with his owner. We crossed one very bouncy wooden bridge and a boardwalk section before things took an unexpected turn. A single narrow dirt track out and back through long grass. As the leaders came at us I got off the path and let them do their thing. Unfortunately this also meant I got stuck behind some slower runners for a while.

By then the Collie, Oakley was causing some problems almost knocking over some runners and I heard his name shouted quite frequently by his poor owner who I don't think was expecting such a narrow path. By the time we got back to the bridges Oakley was in the river with his owner following along ha ha. We doubled back and I got to see Martina and Boomer at around mile 4, even then the heat was making me feel a bit crappy.
This marked the start of a nice wide dirt road, again I didn't do my homework and didn't realise it'd be more trails than paved. A good portion of this was unshaded and I was feeling the heat. Anytime I got to shade I walked for 30 seconds to cool off a bit. By the time I hit mile 7 it was mostly shaded and I felt happier. Again mostly dirt road with a few short paved sections. The dirt road wasn't bad at all except for a few stretches that were either sandy or had gravel, most of it was pretty smooth. At just over mile 8 I came to the turn around and ran across a dam (?) and had a short stint on the other side of the lake before crossing a bridge. 

Myself and another girl hung around the aid station shortly after that drenching ourselves in water and grinned at each other in a "this is f***ing awful but I love it" way. I took off before her but she eventually reeled me in and I lost sight of her. I saw Oakley and his owner again..he'd gone back to get a leash.
The last 4 miles were long. Probably because between mile 10 and 12 I walked a lot. Mostly to down about 20oz of gatorade after I noticed my fingers were the size of large sausages. My main aim for this race was to not get heat stroke or sunburn so that sign of dehydration slowed me down. That and my Mom called me mid-race and would not get off the phone. I always answer in case of emergencies but now I think I won't anymore.

I brought my belt loaded with gatorade and good thing too because there was a long stretch between some of the aid stations >3 miles and they were only giving out water. Not ideal on a hot day.
I pulled it back together for the last mile and a half (the course measured long) and passed a good few people. The field was really spread out at this point but everyone I came across looked like they were walking the last mile or so.

 I crossed the finish line downed a cold bottle of water and got my medal. My time was 2.15.10 not bad for the temperature and surfaces. The medal was ok..I liked the previous years one in the shape of the beer can guy better but oh well at least there was a medal.
The finish area had some oranges, bananas and nuts, oh and PBR beers covertly hidden in a cooler. There were no age group awards. Only the top 3 finishers got anything and then I think it was just a engraved glass. This was a very low key race.
I hung around for a while and eventually got cold...not even sure how that is possible when it's in the 80s. I did some acrobatics in the car trying to not expose the world to my nakedness while changing my clothes. I was soaked, covered in sunscreen and randomly getting muscle cramps...I'd say it would have been funny to time no jeans just shorts.
We went to a Jason's deli for a late lunch/dinner where I devored a sandwich. It was right near a Whole Foods so we ran in there for coffee, beans for home and two cups for the drive home.
Looking at the results later turns out I was 2nd in my age group (30-39) and 6th female overall. If I'd gone into it to race I could have placed overall as the 3rd place female finished in 2.05, even the first female didn't break 2 hours. That prompted a bit of regret as it's probably one of the few times in my life that I'd get that chance..but then do I want to half kill myself to do it? no I think I'm too lazy ha, ha.
Overall a no frills race the course was interesting and pretty, maybe I'll do it next year if it's cooler and try a bit harder!! No heat stroke, no sunburn just some serious chaffing..mission accomplished.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Last week of April Training

Body Pump 7am
My first day back after a week off. I felt a bit sluggish but it was good to get back to it.
Running 3 miles 8.30 min/mile
It felt awesome running after a whole week. Boomer came too and its the first time in a while that I think he really enjoyed it too. (Gross but he had worms for a little while and it was sapping all his energy, as soon as the medicine got to work he was a little running machine again)
Running 5 miles 9.32 min/mile
Ran on the other side of the river. Its a bit hillier but I  enjoyed the shade.
Body Pump 1pm
Running 3 miles 8.10 min/mile
I went to the track in the evening. I love the track. I guess its such a novelty. When I ran athletics as a kid (sprinter for a time believe it or not) it was on a grass football pitch in my bare feet. I ran 3 miles with 3 half mile repeats thrown in for fun (7.25, 7.31, 7.08 min/mile).

Thursday Rest
Up to date with Game of Thrones....not sure how I'm liking the deviation from the books but we'll see how it plays out.

Friday Rest

Painting my bedroom all day...very relieved to be rid of that horrible beige color. The creamy-yellow (landlord approved) might not be my ultimate choice but at least its nice and bright. Got finished around 11.30 and promptly fell asleep in another room.
Running 5 miles 9.32 min/mile
5 miles almost in the dark. I'd spent pretty much all day outside, first the farmers market, then cutting the grass and then 2.5 hours at the hottest baseball game ever. I was dehydrated, badly sunburnt (despite lashings of sunscreen) and just not feeling it on the run. I was debating doing my planned 9 miles or just cutting it short when I saw the head and part of the body of the biggest snake I've ever seen. That made up my mind...I was too freaked out to run much further in the dark, with the way I react to bug bites I can't imagine what a bite from a cottonmouth would do ha ha!

I signed up for a half next weekend about an hour from home. The fact that it was in the afternoon was such a novelty...after Sunday I'm wondering what I was thinking...I'm gonna bath in sunscreen and definitely take my water belt and fill it to the brim with gatorade.