Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Life right now

Well the last couple of weeks have been a ball of joy and stress all wrapped up in one. Between that and the worst pollen season on record my running has not been the priority at all.

The joy and stress is all life stuff. Thanks to finding out my other half is getting a very fancy fellowship award, the kind you don't ever turn down, it looks like I'll be staying here in South Carolina for the next 2-3 years. Thats awesome, hence the joy. The stress is because that comes with a whole lot of decisions. 

What do I do about jobs and visas? I'd been planning on a move to somewhere bigger with a bit more biotech industry, somewhere that I could teach in a university or 4 year school OR go to industry and just do 100% research. I love all those options, I love teaching and I love research so basically as long as I use science on a day to day basis and get paid a decent salary I'm not too fussy about where I work. However, I'm now restricted to a pretty small geographical area with a limited number of jobs. Eugh!
Then factor in getting a visa and its very tricky.  Even if we got married that adds a whole lot of other visa decisions. I could stay but might not be able to work. I wish someone could just come in, take over my body...sort it all out and then wake me up.

Then do I move house or stay put! Luckily thats been one of the easier decisions. Although our house is old and not the most stylish, the rent is fantastic, it has a huge yard for the dog and its close to work. Add in paying another pet fee, the cost of moving and then possibly losing some of the security deposit and that decision was made.
Now I'm just pushing reset on the house, decluttering, deep cleaning and investing in some furniture for neglected areas. Knowing that we'll be here for a while makes investing in sprucing things up a bit easier. 

I thought I'd be disappointed to not move but doing stuff with the house has added in the fun things about moving. Buying new furniture, decorating etc without the stress of actually moving. South Carolina is a beautiful part of the country so living here is definitely not the end of the world.
We also found a breeder to get another cocker spaniel puppy from. An actual honest breeder who rarely breeds, but breeds champion show dogs, health tests out the wazhoo and doesn't charge the sun and moon for it. Basically breeds quality dogs but not for profit. Lets cross our fingers that Boomer will behave for the interview that we have to do. We'll probably be waiting a long time to get a second dog as a result but it feels right.
Hopefully the stressful stuff will sort itself out in the next 6 months, but there you go thats where my life is at right now!! I'm behind on posting but I have another race recap coming up as I crossed another state off my list this weekend with an awesome race in Tennessee.

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