Saturday, 25 April 2015

Almost a week in Philadelphia

I love Philadelphia!! It's probably my favorite US city. It's busy without feeling so crazy that it's claustrophobic. I loved the mix of buildings with historical buildings up against modern architecture. A great vibe the whole time. I was in town for the AACR conference so were 18,000 other people. 

Besides a brief foray into New Jersey for a race the only free time I had was on Friday afternoon. We used that to go see the Liberty Bell, Carpenters (and independence) hall and constitution center. Throughout the week we got to see different parts of town while out for dinner and drinks. Let me say Philadelphia has the best food. Real restaurants not just fast food. 

With my new commitment to eating healthier I tried to keep it very light for breakfast mostly fruit and a piece of toast. Then for lunch I stuck to sandwiches, everywhere had the best bread...not that junk with honey in it. Dinners started on Friday night with a vegan restaurant was amazing. Non veggies don't let the vegan part put you off, the flavors were unreal. Then we had tapas two nights......delicous. Tapas in Columbia can consist of pizza and sliders..basically smaller plates of fast food. This was real Spanish food. Amazing.  I did drink a good bit :( mostly Saturday. After that I was so tired I felt almost jet lagged. 

I didn't get out to run at all. I wanted to get to run by the river and maybe a brief trip up the rocky steps but I definetely want to go back to Philly, so next time!! I feel like I've fallen off the running bandwagon, mostly not by choice, but the last few weeks training have not been good. I guess all that matters is getting back out there and continuing to try and improve.

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