Monday, 23 March 2015

Weekly Roundup

I've been going through a rough patch of pollen allergies. It was a bit too much this week, sinus headaches and a upset stomach on top of the usual sniffles so I cuddled with Boomer on the couch a few times instead of running.
 Previous years its been the initial flush of pollen that gets me so I'm hoping that in the next week or so I feel a lot better. Its definitely not as bad as some people get them so there is something to be thankful for!!

Strength- Body Pump 7am
I finally adjusted to the time change so I went to my regular class. It felt pretty good to be in there exercising before the sun had even risen.
Running 3 miles 10.32 min/mile
Very easy miles. I've been trying to bump my weights a bit so my muscles were tired.

Tuesday Rest-ish
It was in the 80s after work when I had planned to go to the track. I couldn't wait until after dark for the temps to drop as the track wasn't lit. The next day was much cooler so I shuffled my rest day(s) around.
Instead I spent an hour giving the lawn its first full cut of the summer. It was mostly just getting rid of spring weeds but still pushing a 50lb+ push mower around for an hour is a decent workout. I sat on the couch sneezing for hours me sneezy and grumpy.

Strength- Body Pump 7am
Two early mornings this week, that must be a new record. Between walking to the gym, doing class and getting changed the lunchtime class is taking too much time out of my work day. I'm not saying I won't go to an occasional lunchtime class but I'm going to try to make the morning class the more frequent one.
Running 4 miles with 6 x 400m repeats 8.29 min/mile
Fun times in the semi-darkness at the track but it was worth moving days around it was so much cooler and enjoyable.
Thursday- Rest
Felt awful.

Friday- Running 5 miles 9.25 min/mile
Didn't feel bad/good just hot.

Saturday- Rest
Boomers girlfriend stayed the night. So we dropped her at daycare before the farmers market in the morning and then a 3 hour drive to Fayetteville. A set of roadworks added around 20 minutes to our drive, because people do not know how to merge into a single lane. I had my first experience with room service and then tried in vain to sleep, HGTV has a lot to answer for. I can never have cable because I'd watch it all day. 

Running -13.1 miles at the Mike to Mike Half Marathon  9.32 min/mile
A steady climb from start to finish. Legs were trashed at the end.

An up and down week but not too bad! I've a 4 more races in the next few months, then I might just spend my summer mixing things up a bit more.


  1. I've heard the pollen is coming in full force this year and earlier than usual. Hang in there. I don't get allergies here in Oregon, but when I lived in Texas for a while I had them all the time.

    How do you think you might be switching it up this summer? You must hold some kind of record for racing... :)

    1. Less halfs for a start...unfortunately they pack all the good ones into a few months and of course I want to do them all. As far as running maybe a few more 5/10ks. A bit more cross training and I'll probably invest a bit more time/effort into weight lifting. You should look at the criteria for the marathon maniacs ....that's some racing records right there lol