Thursday, 5 March 2015

Weekly Roundup March 2nd

Started the week feeling a bit tired.yes I'm lying on the dog bed while he takes the pillows.

Running -3 miles 10.16 min/mile
Body Pump was cancelled :( so just running today. Three easy miles

I got a massage in the evening so no running. According to my massage lady everything is improving. My hip/oblique area is still tight but a lot better than its ever been and my dodgy shoulder also felt better to her.
Hooray, maybe that means my strength training is starting to work on my imbalances. I haven't had any hip/IT band pain in a long time, so lets keep up the weight lifting. She also said I've put on muscle. I can't tell but I'll take her word for it :)

Strength - Body Pump 1pm
It was so hot in class I could feel the sweat dripping off me onto the attractive. Again a bit weaker than I would like on the ab track but I actually could do >50% of it.
Running 5 miles 9.23 min/mile
So in the space of a couple of days our temperatures have doubled....the high for the day was over 80F and it was 72F at the end of my run even though I waited until after dark to run. My pace was slower than I'd like but considering it was that warm (which I am not acclimatised to right now) and I did Body Pump during the day, it was a pretty decent run.
Look how white my legs have gotten.

Thursday Rest

Friday 3 miles 10.27 min/mile
Just a little shake out before the Run Hard Half Marathon.

Saturday 13.1 9.28 min/mile
The Run Hard Half Marathon in Columbia SC. A really hilly chilly training run with bling.

Sunday 5 easy miles 10.43 min/mile
Back to another hot day in the 70s. It's really nice to run in the sunshine, I actually got to wear shorts and a tank top. My legs felt great after yesterday.

A weekly total of 26 miles.


  1. That is great that your massage therapist thinks you are getting better! Woo hoo!

    What a cool medal for that half!

    I am so not ready for the hotter temps! I can't even deal with the sun and 50s right now! 80?!?! lol

    1. Yeah its a bit of a shocker to go to that.....but the season always seem to change really abruptly here it looks like we'll be in the 70s from now on.