Friday, 27 March 2015

Weekly Roundup-March 23rd

I have been sorely lacking in motivation this week. It's Offical I'm on the struggle bus. By the time it got around to Friday I decided it was ridiculous beating myself up over it and I was just going to make this week an easy week.

Monday- Running 3 miles
3 easy miles after dark. My shoes have definitely reached some sort of tipping point where they've said enough is enough retire us, they felt really weird on this run. My calves were tight after running and driving home on Sunday so it was 3 very easy miles to get the blood flowing. 
I got to run past two does out grazing...its worth getting out and about just to have these wildlife encounters. They got a 'hi beautiful' on the way out and a 'bye beautiful' on the way back. Yes I do talk to random wild animals.

Tuesday -rest
Just lots of housework, dog grooming and food shopping.

Strength-Body Pump 7am
It was a good class. I'm getting a lot better at the tricep part of the workout, I can actually do more than a few tricep dips, victory!!! 
Lunges still feel hard..but maybe I just don't like them (who does?), I think the only thing I hate more is burpees but thank goodness they haven't appeared in a class yet. I've also discovered I have only one speed for push ups. Double time does not exist for me.

Running 3 miles
Finally after a days delay my new shoes arrived. I was a little disappointed they didn't have my size in the PureConnect 3 clearance sale but instead I got to try out the PureConnect 4s. They felt the same as the 3s and I did like the snazzy black color. The only thing I'm concerned about is the laces-they've changed those and it looks like one good yank would snap them!! My first run in them felt much cushion.

A little rain in the morning to wash away the layers of yellow pollen that had settled everywhere.
 I fell asleep on the sofa at 7pm, woke up enough to go to bed at 9 and didn't wake up until 9am the next morning. Guess I wasn't imagining the whole tiredness thing I've been fighting all week.

Strength- Body Pump 11am, running 4 miles
Weights body Pump- warmup 7.5 lbs each end of the bar, squats 15 each end, back 12.5 each end, biceps 5 each end, lunges 10 each end,chest 7.5 each end, shoulders 7.5 each end. Most of the other tracks were loose weights or body weight. Just a little record I can look back on and see if I've improved. Don't judge too harshly each body part gets 100 reps or so..its a slow process to build up the weight.

After a lazy start to the day it was all go. Body Pump and then a trip to the farmers market. We found a farmer who pasture raises everything organic. I spend the extra money for this with milk and eggs at Trader Joes so why not go ahead and cut out the middle man. It's not perfect but much better than battery raised hens that's for sure.
After that it was an hour of grass cutting, lunch and a rest before heading out with Boomer for a run. Did you know the new thing with running is to run a while and then scramble/fall/climb down to reach the river. Boomer isn't a dive into the water type dog but he is slowly becoming obsessed with the water.
Homeward bound but only after a frolic through the fallen blossom leaves.
Sunday 6.55 miles running
We went back to a more out of the way trail to run. It was refreshing to go somewhere different especially with how pretty everything is as spring hits. I miscalculated the distance trying to get (successfully) to see where the trail ended but we finished up with a quarter marathon :) I finished the week feeling a lot better than I thought I would. The change of scenery helped. Next week I'll drag myself out of my slump....stay tuned!
We got to see more deer, from a bit more of a distance this time.


  1. Aww, your flowers looks so pretty! And your grass is green! Real spring! LOL

    I am happy you got new shoes. Running on dead ones really messes me up!

    Ha! When you said you didn't like lunges the first thing I thought was "they are better than burpees." ;)

    Your training week looks good! Why do you feel like you are on the struggle bus? Do you have something coming up?

    1. Yup real spring, its nice! Yes I hate burpees with a passion
      Just struggling to get in the number of miles I'd like to run.