Monday, 16 March 2015

Weekly Roundup Feb 9th

Running 3 miles
3 easy miles. I didn't go to Body Pump. As much as I'm loving the brighter evenings I think I need a week to adjust to the time change in the mornings before getting up early. We took Boomer out that evening and he had a great time strutting his stuff.

Strength Body Pump 12pm
Finally got to Body Pump. We had the option of 45 mins or an hour. Everyone went with an hour and I pushed hard.
Running 3 miles including 8x hill repeats
I think doing Body Pump and my harder running days together is in a strange way easier. Even though I'm tired after a class, soreness the day after weight lifting is worst and really makes me not want to do hill repeats or intervals.
I went out after dark since it was in the high 70s. I ran a huge hill, one I hate to walk up it its so big, since my usual one is being ripped up for road works. I managed 4 repeats on the big hill, then as I found myself fading too much towards the end of the 4th repeat I headed to a less steep, shorter hill and did another 4 on that one.

Running 5 miles
Another hot run (80F). I took it easy.
Boomer got his teeth cleaned today (bad teeth must run in the family), he was so snuggly all evening after the anaesthetic.

Strength (not really)-Body Combat 12pm
The class schedules are messed up because of spring break. I ended up going to a class thinking it was Body Pump but really it was Body Combat. It was way more cardio than strength. It didn't do much for my legs but man my arms were sore after all those punches.
Yoga 6pm
Yoga started with crunches..a bad sign but it ended up being a good class.

Friday rest

Saturday 3 miles Get to the Green 5k
A new 5k PR yay!! Then an almost day long marathon of Game of Thrones...we will be ready for the new season.

Sunday- 12 easy miles
I could have gotten up earlier or run later but it was nice to get out and feel the sun on my skin all 78F of it. I got my dose of vitamin D to make up for a few weeks of overcast rainy skies. Everything felt good until the last 2 miles when I started to overheat a little, a good dunk under the cold tap at the park solved that problem pretty fast.
Even when you don't think your route is hilly in Columbia it is!


  1. Gosh, I can't believe how warm it is there already! Nutso!

    When I had a coach, she recommended my speed work on strength days. Part of that was so that I still had one full day of rest a week, but also, because DOMS sets in 24-48 hours after the workout! So, like you realized, it's better to get it done closer to the strength workout, even if you are pooped! Nice work on the hills and congrats on the new 5K PR!!!!

    1. Yep that's Columbia and it'll only keep getting hotter.