Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekly Roundup Feb 23rd

Anyone ready for some nice long days, I know I am! After a week or two of rain and overcast skies I'm ready for some sun and warmt. Not too much now, let's not be greedy just a little spring weather would be nice.

4 miles running 10.16 min/mile
I saved my usual Body Pump for later in the week since I was feeling a bit tired and sore after running and driving at the weekend. Four easy miles chatting with Martina.

4.5 miles 8.06 min/mile with 7x400m intervals 
Something about the track makes me go faster. Today was epic, I broke 25 minutes for the first time over 5k with an unofficial PR of 23.57. Must find me a 5k race and make it official.
Interval 1.) 6.23 2.) 6.15 3.) 6.41 4.) 6.43 5.) 6.49 6.) 6.43 7.) 6.21 min/mile

Body Pump 1pm
A good but tough day. I could feel yesterday's workout in how tired my shoulders and abs were. I couldn't really do the ab track at all, I couldn't even hold a plank, whoops!
10 miles-bike, 3 miles running ~9.35 min/mile
We aren't getting snow just a whole boat load of sleet and rain so I headed to the treadmill while it lashed down outside. One of the three treadmills (in the older uni gym) was broken so Martina and I had to sign up one after the other. While I waited for Martina to finish her run I hopped on a spin bike for the first time in years and spun away until I'd done 10 they should make some softer saddles for those things! Nicely warmed up I hopped on the treadmill for 3 easy miles.

Thursday Rest
A haircut and then TV night, with some wine, on the Roku which I'm still loving.
Friday Rest 

Strength Body Pump 11am
A good class upped some of my weights, again my abs would not cooperate maybe that's a sign that I'm keeping them engaged for the rest of the class..either way they need to relax a bit.
Running 5 miles 8.59 min/mile
Tried another vegan protein shake after Body Pump (Kim I'm making my way to your one) it wasn't as gritty as the vega shake but still very gelatinous. Not a yes for that one but not vomit inducing either. 
Then shopping which is a bad idea at midday. A new bed for Boomer and sadly a no to a beautiful cocker spaniel who is up for adoption locally. I finally met him today after stalking his pictures. I found out he is too sick for me to take on. Two dogs would be a push financially....taking on a very sick one, no matter how much I want to, would be too much. I have such a soft spot for cocker spaniels  now I have Boomer, it was really hard to say no...I may have had something in my eye as I left.
Back for a cup of tea and a mini binge on Irish biscuits (cookies). Thanks to that I started my run out slow. I didn't look at my watch just took it easy, tried not to lose my cookies (literally) and was pleasantly surprised to see 8.59 min/mile on my summary so I must have picked up the pace as the run continued.
Someone caught a bird...not a chicken, a real wild bird

Running 10.5 miles 9.56 min/mile
I got up really late and went for brunch, where I proceeded to wait over an hour for a table. Luckily the food was good. This really annoyed me, as lately I feel like all my time is slipping away from me. 
I really didn't feel to good afterwards....maybe I waited too long to eat, so I went home and lay down for a few hours and watched TV before going out running. 
I was really sore from Body Pump the day before so the thought of running was giving me a bit of anxiety but it was fine once I got out there and got going. I did just over 5 miles by myself at around 9.30 min/mile and then Martina joined me for another 5 miles. We went a bit slower and enjoyed a good chat.

A decent week with 27 miles total. Next week I have a race here in Columbia, The Run Hard Half Marathon lots of hills, and another race as a long run.


  1. Yes! Go find yourself a 5K! Nice job!

    And find some Sunwarrior. LOL. I am curious to hear what you think of it :)

    Aww man, I hope that sick dog finds a good home! It was smart of you not to bring him in. Maybe another will show up that makes more sense.

    Have a great half! :)

  2. Another great week of workouts!! I can't believe you are already doing another half marathon! How many will this be now?

    1. Thanks! This will be my third one for 2015 but really I'm not counting them as races...they are bribes to keep me doing a decent length long run on a regular basis lol. Right now I'm trying to build my strength up for a while before I try to PR.