Saturday, 14 March 2015

Get to the Green 5k, Columbia SC

After over a year I've finally run another 5k. What a nice one to run...tshirts, medals and food at the end.

This was a local race to coincide with the St. Patricks Day Weekend Festival. I signed up the day before feeling tired with some majorly sore arms and shoulders, so I had pretty low expectations. It was raining and cool walking to the race, so I ran a half mile warm up. Then once we were told to start I took off fast. My watch went to sleep and then didn't catch the statellites before we started so I didn't realize until I hit the mile marker that I ran the first mile in the low 7 min/mile range. 
Ekk no wonder my legs hurt and I felt like I was going to get sick, ha ha. I reined it back in a bit and held a constant pace for the last two miles. I didn't feel like death when I finished but I doubt I could have given it a whole lot more so I'm happy enough with my pacing and time.
I crossed the line in 24.32, I think that's around a 40 second PR. A few less hills and a bit more rest I could shave a bit more off that time. BUT under  25 minutes baby. I waited in the rain for a few minutes for Martina to finish (I convinced her to run) before going to check my Offical time. The nice printed slip of paper also told me I was 3rd in my age group..a bit of a shocker in a big enough race. Maybe some faster runners started their St. Patrick's Day celebration too soon.
We walked for what seemed like forever back to the car, went home and changed and then went back (more appropriately dressed for the rain) for the awards. Turned out the top 2 female finishers were in my age group so I got 1st in my age group in the end. I got a sweet little shamrock award!! 
85th/942 overall
4th/86  AG M/F
17th/520 Females
Pace 7.54 min/mile


  1. A 5K PR on tired legs?! You rockstar!!!! WTG!!!!

    I think that AG award is so darn neat!!!!